Xellerate Testosterone Booster – Our Review and Conclusions


Testosterone Booster Xellerate BottleTestosterone Booster from Xellerate Nutrition is a dietary capsule supplement marketed as, you’ve guessed it, a testosterone booster.

In fact, not so much of a booster, the company says, as a product which may contribute to normal testosterone levels, reduction in fatigue, and normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Xellerate Nutrition is a UK based company that produces a range of supplements, that are sold mostly on third party websites, the largest of which is Amazon.

They provide all of the formula’s details on the label, so there is no guesswork for the customer. The design and concept are simple. Even the name is simple.

Xellerate Nutrition’s Testosterone Booster was intriguing to us because it has at least got good doses of the ingredients it has.

It is more of a libido/sexual enhancement supplement than an all-out testosterone booster, but still worth a shot.

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Xellerate Nutrition – Testosterone Booster – Advertised Benefits

Testosterone on WallSomething called Testosterone Booster is clearly designed to do one thing, although the benefits of optimum testosterone levels are often many.

Therefore the primary advertised benefit is of course:

  • Help Restore Testosterone Levels to Normal

…but the main points Xellerate continue with are:

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Normal Energy-Yielding Metabolism

Normal Testosterone levels are very achievable with a good diet, regular exercise and the addition of some carefully chosen supplements. On that we can agree with Xellerate.

A man (or woman, for that matter) who is suffering from low testosterone levels, or even the associated syndrome, will benefit massively from the restoration of optimal levels.

Testosterone is involved with so many functions of the body that it could be considered a personal health crisis if your levels drop, which of course they only go and do naturally when you get older.

Muscle mass, fat burning, energy levels, mood, emotional health and cognitive function, skin health, sexual health…and so on.

So, yeah…a good supplement can do wonders.

It all comes down to the ingredients and dosages though, and that’s what we’ll cover next.

Ingredients in Xellerate Testosterone Booster

Xellerate Testosterone LabelThe following ingredients and their dosages are in 2 capsules, which is also the daily serving. Therefore, the below is the daily total (the direction say you can take 4 capsules per day if needed):

  • 500 mcg – VitaminA
  • 4 mcg – Vitamin D
  • 50 mcg – Vitamin K
  • 4 mg – Vitamin B6
  • 200 mcg – Folic Acid
  • 2 mcg – Vitamin B12
  • 12.5 mg – Pantothenic Acid
  • 190 mg – Magnesium
  • 12.5 mg – Zinc
  1. 820 mg – D-Aspartic Acid
  2. 2000 mg – Maca Root
  3. 155mg – Fennel Seed
  4. 20 mg – Co Enzyme Q10

The majority of the formula above is essentially a multivitamin. To ensure that you are not deficient in the absolute necessaries to retain a normal level of testosterone, those Vitamins, Minerals and Micro-nutrients are a good inclusion.

The 4 ingredients below that are what we can term the more ‘supplement’ type inclusions.

D-Aspartic Acid – this is almost a must in testosterone boosters now. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels by almost 50% in as little as 2 weeks. The 2 capsule dose is weak here but if you take 4 per day then it is not bad.

Maca Root – maca is more of a sexual libido enhancer than a testosterone booster. While it improves erections, sexual desire and so on, it does not increase testosterone. However, the dose is definitely good for the libido side of things.

Fennel – a bit of mystery is fennel. It is in many male enhancement supplements but there is no reason for it to be from a scientific standpoint.

Co Enzyme Q10 – another libido, sperm and erection enhancer. There is a possible boost to testosterone but it’s mild and so far only shown in infertile men. It is however a general health and well-being booster.

Side Effects

Doctor ApprovalThere should be no problem for average people, or people with low levels of testosterone. If anything, the fast acting D-Aspartic Acid will help you feel better in the first couple of weeks.

Ask your doctor about whether you should use it if you are suffering from any medical conditions, or are taking prescription medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements like this of course.

Follow the guidelines on the packaging for the correct daily dose, and we advise that you start on the 2 capsule daily serving for at least the first week before increasing to the 4 capsule per day.

Note that the 4 capsule daily amount should be split into two separate servings of 2 pills.

Conclusion and Recommendations

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Xellerate Nutrition have done a decent job with their Testosterone Booster, however it is more of a libido booster than a true testosterone booster. This means that it may feel a little like you are ‘boosted’ but it’s probably more of a sexual energy.

As for its testosterone increasing abilities, it may help normalize your T levels, if you have a low testosterone problem. Which, if we’re honest, is all they are claiming it will do.

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