Boost Your Natural GH Levels

human growth hormoneAt GHBoosters, we talk a lot about what a supplement can do to increase your natural growth hormone levels and which of those are best at doing it. There are, however, many things which you can do in your every day life to give your HGH a kick up the pituitary – so to speak.

That’s what this article is all about; giving you some of the bread-and-butter ways to boost your GH.

Re-cap on Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland, which is responsible for the release of growth hormone, is actually located in the brain. Regulated by the hypothalamus, growth hormone has several very important roles to play, including involvement with:

  • Preservation and growth of lean body mass
  • Reducing body fat storage
  • Densifying and strengthening of bones
  • Slowing the effects of age on internal organs
  • Reducing bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol

Growth Hormone levels are at their peak during childhood and adolescence – essentially, when you are growing. They start to wane during our third decade and continue to drop thereafter.

While the job of growing to our maximum height is achieved by early adulthood, there is still a lot more for HGH to do – as you can see from the above – but instead, it starts to run for the hills.

This decline causes all the growth points above to become stagnant or even reversed: decreased muscle mass retention, bone density reduction, elevated cholesterol levels and so on and so forth.

Anything we can do to keep our growth hormone levels as high as possible are things we should be doing. There won’t be any huge surprises here, and life gets in the way of accomplishing them often enough, but the conscious effort to do more may help a lot.


getting more sleepLet’s start with an easy one. Growth hormone is released far more when you are asleep than during the day. You’ve probably heard that 8 hours a night is optimal for your health.

The major arguments people give to not getting 8 hours a night is time. Jobs, kids, lives all consume time, and sleep is one of the first things to get sidelined in the modern person’s day.

Then there’s the people that get up at 6am because they are early birds and they would feel lazy lying in bed when there’s go-get-em to be had.

Read this next bit carefully: there is nothing noble in getting up at the crack of dawn, and you’re doing nothing but letting the stress of every day life eat you by cutting back on sleep.

It’s true that some people seem to need less sleep than others, but a lot of people are running on fumes. The better rested can concentrate properly and get things done. Getting up an hour later may actually achieve more.

And, yes, back to growth hormone – more sleep = more muscle recovery and growth, increased bone density and all the rest.

Reduce Stress

reducing your stress levelsEasier said than done, right?


Reductions in your levels of stress will start almost as immediately as you think about it. You’ve only got to think of your next holiday to reduce your stress levels.

Exercise, reading, massage, dinner with friends, meditation, comedy movies……do these sound hard to do?

Take Melatonin

This goes well with the sleep and reducing stress. Melatonin can help you get a more deep an restful sleep. If you have a medical condition like high blood pressure then seek advice from your Doctor before taking it.

Melatonin can be bought from the shelf in pharmacies and you can take between 0.5 and 5mg before going to bed. It will help you relax and fall asleep.

Melatonin boosts your HGH levels while you sleep, upwards of 1.5 times normal.

Note: Melatonin is a controversial issue. For everyone that endorses its use, there are people who warn against it. Talking strictly from a Growth Hormone perspective, melatonin is a proven aid. Make sure you research it and consult your Doctor if you have any doubts.

Train At High Intensity

HIT trainingIf you perform intervals of high intensity cardio, where your heart rate passes the Lactate Threshold and goes anaerobic, your muscle fibres will release some HGH.

Even when you are lifting weight, it is possible to achieve this. Try 5 or 6 intervals where you keep your heart rate in this anaerobic zone for 20 to 30 seconds. If it’s possible to throw it in as part of a longer strength session then go for it.

Keep Well Hydrated

staying hydratedIt’s been found that dehydration can adversely affect your HGH levels along with all the other negatives that come with it.

You should drink between 2 and 3 litres of water a day depending on your activity level.

Add a Supplement To Your Routine

GH Advanced plus supplementsHigh quality proteins and certain ingredients found in supplements will help to stimulate the release of growth hormone. Combined with an exercise plan, a decent diet and plenty of sleep, you can really heighten your HGH levels.

All of the supplements we recommend have naturally sourced ingredients and should not present any side effects.

If you would like to find out more about the supplements you can take to help increase your natural levels of HGH follow the link provided.

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