The Gear – Max’s Lab Series – Testosterone Supplement Review

The Gear from Max'sThe Gear is a testosterone booster made in Australia buy Max’s, intended for the bodybuilding community as a muscle building supplement.

The formula in The Gear’s capsules contains both a “Testosterone Boosting Blend” and an “Estrogen Suppressing Blend”.

From a biochemical perspective, once you raise the levels of circulating free testosterone, you are also introducing extra estrogen by proxy, given that testosterone converts to a form of estrogen down the chain.

For this reason, supplement companies often add estrogen blockers with their testosterone boosters, because while some estrogen is good (for men), it is counterproductive to have levels above the norm. This can cause unwanted side effects like gynecomastia (man-boobs), and excess water retention.

This is a very interesting product, and if you can get your hands on it then we’d advise you give it a go (please read this whole review first though). It’s true that there is some essentially experimental ingredients in there that have not been extensively studied with humans, but the trade-off is that you might be getting a muscle supplement that has those rare effects like, let’s see, muscle growth.

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The Gear – Advertised Benefits

Max’s Lab Series site described The Gear as an “advanced High Potency Testosterone stimulating formula” which has been designed to:

  • Maximize Free Testosterone Levels
  • Spike and Maintain Free Testosterone
  • Support Maximum Protein Synthesis
  • Support Rapid Recovery after “serious” weight training

They go on to mention that it can:

  • Suppress Estrogen
  • Optimize Size and Strength gains
  • Increase Libido

Of course a company is going to wax lyrical about their product but there are 3 main benefits that you can pull out of the jargon:

  1. Boost Testosterone
  2. Increase Protein Synthesis (for muscle growth and repair)
  3. Heighten Libido

That’s all we ever want from our testosterone boosters, but it’s down to the ingredients as to whether The Gear can achieve any of it.

The Gear Ingredient Formula

The formula has 2 sides to it: (1) Testosterone boosting and (2) Estrogen suppressing.

Ingredients detailed below are in 3 capsules of The Gear, which is one serving. You get 40 servings per bottle, and the maximum recommended is 2 separate servings per day (total = 6 caps).

Testosterone Boosting Blend

900mg – Tribulus Terrestris
250mg – Bulbine Natalensis
250mg – Fadogia Agrestis powder
250mg – Epimedium (icariin / horny goat weed)

Estrogen Suppression Blend

150mg – Diindolylmethane
150mg – Maca Root
150mg – White Mushroom extract
150mg – Trans Resveratrol

Thoughts on the Formula

Scientist and MicroscopeFirst off, this is the most exciting product we’ve seen in the muscle building category for a long time. The ingredients chosen aren’t all the same old sh-t we keep seeing time and time again.

Fair enough, there’s Tribulus – its libido enhancing power is well documented but as a T-booster it’s lacking.

Maca is a regular in these products, and may or may not do anything at these dosages, whether to testosterone, growth hormone or estrogen levels.

Bulbine natalensis is becoming more popular, but it needs more research on humans to get a more reliable dose (and to prove if it has much effect on us).

The Gear gets interesting at Fadogia Agrestis, Diindolylmethane, White Mushroom and Resveratrol.

Fadogia looks like a potent testosterone booster but so far it’s young in research terms. Rats show both strong libido and testosterone enhancement.

Diidolylmethane is effective at reducing the aromatization to estrogen process.

White Mushroom Extract is essentially an ecdysteroid. Now, ecdysteroids were once claimed to be safe, legal steroids and have steroid equivalent effects, but that has since been thrown out. However, while they aren’t androgenic, they do enhance protein synthesis, which is really what we want out of them anyway.

Resveratrol can improve insulin sensitivity at mild doses, which is an excellent pathway to improved energy metabolism, fat loss and muscle gain.

The Gear Side Effects

Here’s the slightly unknown area of some of these ingredients. Many of them haven’t been tested on humans to the extent that we even know an optimal dose, let alone the dose that we shouldn’t be taking.

Certainly, people who have a medical condition or that are taking medication should ask their doctor.

Children, elderly people, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take it.

Anyone unsure should ask their doctor, but in our experience a regular doctor isn’t going to know either. They aren’t herbal plant experts, after all.

This – in all honesty – might have to be a punt. Some dudes are up for that, others aren’t.

Follow the guidelines on the bottle, but we’d advise starting with single pills and then 2 pills etc. etc. to see how you tolerate it all. And stay hydrated.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Prime Male top T boosterYou might be getting mixed signals from the review above. We are saying on one hand that a good portion of the ingredients are just sex enhancers. On the same hand we’re saying we don’t really know much about the other ingredients or what their side effects might be.

On the other hand, we’re saying it’s a very exciting supplement. It is, because the initial research on some of this stuff is really promising. And then there’s the fact that ecdysteroids which are basically insect hormones (that oddly we have receptors for) are in some way anabolic when once they were laughed about on forums.

But it might be a lame duck, as well.

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