Prime Male T Booster – Product Review

Prime Male Testosterone BoosterPrime Male is a supplement manufactured by the company Propura LTD, and has been developed to boost your natural testosterone up to optimal levels.

A lot of guys just accept the feelings that come with the decline of their Testosterone levels as they get older, and despite it being a huge frustration to them, they don’t know what can be done about it, so they don’t bother.

There is a lot you can do to increase your production of endogenous testosterone, including taking a supplement which contains quality ingredients that stimulate that exact effect.

Prime Male promises to be one of the best quality supplements in this category. We’ll examine it a little closer and see if that’s true.

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Promised Benefits of Prime Male

blood flowThere are lots of benefits to increasing your testosterone levels, from higher sex drive and performance to confidence levels, muscle growth and recovery between exercise.

The company promises a whole host of benefits with Prime Male:

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Muscle and Bone Strength
  • Heightened Libido
  • Reduce Fat storage
  • Enhance Cardio Vascular fitness
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Healthier, younger looking Skin
  • Better Mood, Cognitive Function, Concentration, Drive and Confidence
  • Optimize Prostate Health
  • Strengthen Insulin Sensitivity (i.e. regulate blood sugar levels)

NOTE: Perhaps the biggest factor that sets Prime Male apart from its competition is the strength of its formulation. We’ll take a look at the ingredients in the following section.

Prime Male Formula

Fit Man and WomanMany of the testosterone boosting supplements on the market today have potentially good ingredient recipes, but they can’t be very effective because the dosages are too low.

The thing that piques our interest about Prime Male more than anything is that it contains ingredients at proper dosages.

Here are big 12:

  1. D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) – 1800mg
  2. BioPerine – 10mg
  3. Fenugreek – 100mg
  4. Magnesium – 200mg
  5. Mucuna Pruriens – 200mg
  6. Nettle Root Extract – 300mg
  7. Oyster Extract – 125mg
  8. Siberian Ginseng – 80mg
  9. Vitamin B6 – 6mg
  10. Vitamin D3 – 5200 IU
  11. Vitamin K2 – 20mcg
  12. Zinc – 11mg

That’s 3000mg of active ingredients in the 4 capsule daily dose of Prime Male.

We could name a handful of very expensive testosterone boosters on the market which don’t even come close to that. In fact, without naming names, the most expensive supposed T booster we have found has barely over 700mg of active ingredients.

The inclusion of D-Aspartic Acid at 1800mg is the one of the keys to this supplement, in our opinion. It is held in very high regard as a Testosterone booster, even among the bodybuilding community.

Every one of the ingredients is included at impressively powerful dosages. We have to agree with the manufacturers of Prime Male here: It beats the pants off everything else out there.

Our Recommendations

Man with Big Arm MusclesPrime Male is probably the best T booster we’ve seen to date. We’re confident in it’s recipe and it makes other, more expensive products look weak in comparison.

The company promote the product more as a way of combatting the age related decline in testosterone levels that men past the age of 30 will start to experience.

While that is obviously the main focus here, we would strongly recommend this to any man who wants to realize more of their physical potential.

Some of the ingredients in the blend are ones that western gentlemen may be deficient in (due to diet), and others are actually performance enhancing when taken in abundance.

The amounts of each are all there to be seen, and it is very solid of Propura to include all of the information, instead of using a ‘proprietary blend’, where you can’t know what you are getting.

Purchasing, Delivery and Returns

Prime Male OrderPrime Male is shipped from the company’s depot in the USA or UK, depending on which will make it to you quicker.

It can be shipped worldwide, to locations including the UK, United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

You can only buy Prime Male from the product site, and there are special offers available which can allow you to save money if you want

– One month’s (one box/bottle) supply costs $69 (£44)

– Two month’s (two boxes/bottles) supply costs $138 (£88) + Free shipping to the USA and UK

The best deal, however, comes when you pay for three month’s worth of Prime Male

– 3 month’s + 1 month FREE + Worldwide shipping for FREE = $207 (£132)

So, that’s 4 bottles for the price of 3 and the product price is all you have to pay, as there will be no delivery charge, no matter where you live in the world.

Money Back Guarantee

There is also a quality returns policy in place, meaning you can try Prime Male for 90 days without risk and the company will give you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Bottom Line

Prime MaleWe always set out to review things objectively, but we’ve took quite a liking to this product before we were even half way through.

The supplement industry is difficult to understand at times and when companies show faith in what they are doing by demonstrating transparency in their recipes and creating strong blends, it helps the customer make the best decision.

Prime Male is definitely recommended.

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