SeroVital-hgh Review

SeroVital is a company which manufactures supplements to boost human growth hormone and products for skin care. For the purposes of this review I will of course be concentrating on the HGH booster but it’s worth noting that skincare products won’t be a million miles away from GH Boosters in terms of formulations as healthy levels of HGH are known to help retain youthful, supple and healthy skin.

SeroVital hgh

I came across SeroVital a while ago but have only just decided to try the product and review it based on a couple of customer feedback comments I have received. Firstly, people wanted to compare it with Prime Male in order to decide which one to purchase.

Secondly, SeroVital-hgh is an expensive product (as is the skin care stuff for that matter) relative to the amount of information the company provides about the specific patented recipe they claim is the “‘Fountain of Youth’ in a Pill?” – and by the way, they add the question mark (a little marketing trick because they can’t actually state that it’s the Fountain of Youth).

Comparison with Prime Male

Prime Male top T boosterI became a fan of Prime Male a while ago and it was one of the first products I found that I could recommend without question. The ingredients in the formula are all listed on the product and they include many of the main amino acids that SeroVital-hgh uses.

On top of that the manufacturers offer a long 90 day money back guarantee and have done the one thing that all product manufacturers should do…. provide a varied list of testimonials. They even have Dolph Lundgren commenting

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Actually, the SeroVital-hgh product comes in two forms: Pills and a Concentrate form. The latter is in a squeeze tube and was made for people who don’t like to swallow pills; a nice idea, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I tend to always go for pills because I am not sure about the science of a ‘concentrate’ and whether the ingredients would even make it to your blood stream to do their thing. Pills at least usually come in capsule which will travel to your lower intestine where the contents won’t be destroyed by your stomach acids, from which point they can release the goodies and get to work. $99 for a concentrate is a big gamble if that is the case.

SeroVital-hgh Pills and How They Work

Pituitary gland in the brainAccording to the company, they have discovered a way to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more HGH, or at a ‘more youthful rate’. This is something all HGH booster supplements hope to do and many can achieve it to a degree. The pituitary gland is the starting point of our endogenous production (natural synthesis within the body) of growth hormone. Many ingredients along with physical activities (inc. sleep and exercise) stimulate the gland to go to work.

What’s clear from the marketing copy is that SeroVital use a blend of amino-acids to produce this effect. They claim that a 682% mean increase in HGH levels can be elicited with the use of their formula. There is a ‘The Science’ page which gives an outline of a placebo controlled study that was undertaken using the blend.

SeroVital-hgh Ingredients

While the formula remains proprietary to a degree, there is a listing of the individual components without their inclusion rates. However, because these blends have to be written a certain way, you can tell that the order they are written is their order of inclusion weight relative to the entire blend.

The whole 4 capsule dose is 2900mg of ingredients.

In order of descending amount, it includes:

  • L-Lysine HCL
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Oxo-Proline
  • N-Acetyl L -Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta powder

The regular amino acids are present in many HGH boosters but Oxo-Proline and Schizonepeta might be worth a little research:

Oxo-Proline – this is an uncommon amino acid used to retain moisture in the skin. This would in turn result in a more youthful, plump skin appearance.
Schizonepeta powder – another skin health ingredient, this one keeps allergic skin reactions at bay

SeroVital-hgh Evaluation

researchSeroVital are obviously at home in the skincare domain, and they have extended it to their HGH booster. In addition to the regular amino acids triggering an elevated HGH response, they are hoping to make you look more youthful with direct skin health ingredients.

This is a good strategy, but what does all this mean to people wanting a GH Booster for muscle gain?

I think the answer is: go for a specialist growth hormone booster for muscle growth and recovery. I have reviewed plenty of these and I believe I have found some of the best available.

What’s more is they are cheaper to purchase than SeroVital-hgh. That said, a HGH booster is an HGH booster and if growth hormone release is what you are after then this may do something for you. It will certainly come across better to the female crowd but you will have to accept the premium you have to pay for the skin ingredients too.

SeroVital-hgh Purchasing and Shipping

It looks as though you pay for the initial $99 charge with SeroVital and then they will add you to their autobilling scheme. This puts a few points against them in my opinion as I want to control my own money instead of having someone take it automatically…forcing me to have to take action to cancel it in the future.

They give a discount on the future orders (which come automatically) of $25.95 but you can cancel the whole thing with the 1-800 number they provide.

Is It Recommended?

I won’t say it’s not recommended, but I wouldn’t purchase this over the other products I have used and got good results from. The price isn’t a reflection of the formula in my opinion.

I DO like the idea of the concentrate instead of pill option but I DON’T think it will really work. Again, my opinion.

There is a better alternative for me, and I will explain it below.

Alternative Options

Prime Male top T boosterI mentioned Prime Male earlier on in this review.

For me, it has been my staple go-to HGH booster for a while now, and the formula is excellent.

It’s also a lot less expensive than SeroVital-hgh and includes much of the same ingredients AND adds more to it!

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