Fuel: One – Phospha Build Review

Fuel One Phosphabuild Phospha Build is a dietary training supplement manufactured by the company Fuel: One who make a variety of products for pre-workout, peri-workout and post-workout consumption.

The basis for this particular capsule-based supplement is almost completely founded on the ingredient Phosphatidic acid, which has become one of the latest to become swept up due to fairly recent research conducted, supporting its use as a muscle builder, both for strength and size. Not only that but the evidence suggests it is a powerful fat reducer on top of this.

Most supplements containing phosphatidic acid are promoted using the substance’s connection with the mTOR mediated pathway for increased protein synthesis rates (and therefore muscle mass growth) and Phosphabuild is no different.

This pathway is one of the base systems which initiates the growth process in muscles. The basic idea is to increase the rate at which that operates. The result should be larger, stronger muscles concomitant with reduced body fat.

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How Does Phospha Build Work?

mTOR stands for mammalian target of rapamycin, a protein which functions at the very core of cellular activity related to growth, proliferation and motility. It integrates other growth related pathways such as those of insulin, amino acids and insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) into cells.

Resistance weight training causes the release of phosphatidic acid from cells naturally. This then binds to one of the mTOR complexes which is responsible for inducing protein synthesis and thus muscle repair and growth. By introducing more of the Phosphatidic acid into your system via supplementation of Phosphabuild, the company is claiming that the mTOR signalling will be multiplied which will increase the desired output.

What Are the Benefits?

Phospha Build has been formulated with very definite benefits in mind for the weight training individual. Apparently the type of phosphatidic acid used can increase mTOR signaling by up to 6 times the baseline. The two main benefits promised to the user are:

  • Anabolism – muscle growth via the up-regulation of the mTOR pathway
  • Anti-Catabolism – reducing the breakdown of muscle, helping the user keep the muscle they have built

Phospha Build Ingredients

Fuel One have used a patent-pending form of Phosphatidic acid called Mediator. They aren’t shy in saying any other form of phosphatidic acid is a ripoff and so are the supplements that contain anything but Mediator, which has been derived from soy using a very expensive procedure. According to them the licensing process is also pricey which is why you can be confident in their product providing you with the genuine article.

Phospha Build contains:

  • Mediator (50% Phosphatidic acid)
  • Tart Cherry (prunus cerasus) fruit powder

Tart Cherry is included for its pain relieving and anti-catabolic properties which the company claim has been demonstrated through ‘emerging research.’

Supporting Studies

A recent clinical trial is being brandished by most of the companies interested in manufacturing phosphatidic acid based supplements. Undertaken by Dr. Jacob Wilson, who has strong ties to the supplement industry and product testing, at The University of Tampa Bay, the results show that test group built more lean muscle mass than the placebo group. Also, they exhibited strength gains and lost more body fat.

Phospha Build Potential Side Effects

Phosphatidic acid as Mediator was well tolerated during the clinical trial. However, if you are on medication, suffer from an existing condition, or are pregnant/breastfeeding it’s a good idea to check with your doctor whether you should be taking any kind of supplement.

If you go down the road of reading scientific papers and other articles on the subject of increasing mTOR signaling you may come across the lifespan study on mice. Scientists genetically inhibited mTOR in a group of the little mammals and it significantly increased their lifespan. Confusing, to say the least. We know that mTOR is vital for survival, growth and recovery, but inhibiting it might extend lifespan.

There’s still plenty of research left to do, it would seem.

Phospha Build Availability and Price

A bottle of Phospha Build will set you back about $80 – $100, which will get you 30 days of use. And the Fuel One website is directing prospective customers towards GNC.


The use of Phosphaditic acid is a relatively new development in the supplement industry. Leucine is a good example of an mTOR booster which has been around for a long time, and has subsequently reduced in both price and popularity.

The two ingredients exhibit very similar behaviour and while one is new and expensive, and the other one not so much, its really the mTOR research that provokes the question: is the increase of mTOR a good or bad thing?

Clinical trials say it’s excellent for reaching your body composition goals faster, but there’s a few mice in a lab somewhere that might disagree.

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