NiacinMax Review – Liposomal HGH Booster for Bodybuilders

NiacinMaxNiacinMax is a new muscle supplement with a huge difference. It melts virtually instantaneously on the tongue to enter the bloodstream direct.

Primarily, it is a Growth Hormone (HGH) and Vasodilation (Muscle “Pump”) booster.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, which includes a liposomal delivery system, the complete dose of Niacin is utilized.

This eliminates the problem that many oral supplements face; which is the stomach rendering much of the useful ingredients useless.

By bypassing this problem and going straight to the bloodstream, NiacinMax:

  • is Very Fast Acting
  • uses All of the Valuable Supplement

Suffice it to say, we are big fans of this product. There is nothing close to it for the effect it has, especially at the special pricing offers they are putting out.

NiacinMax websiteNiacinMax is now available – it is suitable for both men and women ships direct from the manufacturers website.

Unprecedented media exposure means that stock levels may be running low.

However the buy 3 and get 3 free offer is still running – this also includes free delivery and a 67 day money back guarantee.

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In this review we’ll explain what this product is, how to use it, and where to get some.

What Does NiacinMax Do?

Muscles GrowthTo answer this question, it’s best to explain what Niacin is, and what it does first.

Niacin is another name for the important molecules of Vitamin B3. It has long been known that it can increase Vasodilation and Red Blood Cell count.

This means more oxygen and nutrients can get to the working muscles and enhance their strength and recovery.

Scientific research has also shown that Niacin can boost Human Growth Hormone levels to a level that is otherwise impossible. Some studies show a 600% increase.

HGH is an incredibly powerful hormone, which leads to numerous benefits, not the least of which are:

  • Enhanced Muscle Growth
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Heightened Cognitive Function

Enter, NiacinMax…

blood flowNow, with these benefits in mind, the instant-melt tongue strips inside every pack of NiacinMax takes the whole Niacin effect up several notches.

Much of the challenge of supplements is getting the actual ingredients into the system, without them being destroyed or degraded by the various acids and enzymes in our body’s juices.

Oral – capsule/tablet – supplements are particularly susceptible to this degradation because they have to make it all the way to the lower intestine to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Instantly absorbed supplements are usually equally problematic for similar reasons. Not so with NiacinMax.

By essentially encapsulating the precious nutrient (Niacin) in a layer of protective phosphatidylcholine, the manufacturers have a made a strong ‘Liposome’ which is more effective than any other competing Liposomal technology.

How Much More Effective Is It?

Much, much more.

Dose for dose, there is a lot less Niacin in NiacinMax than, say, an oral tablet.

However, due to the liposomal delivery system, the NiacinMx strips are more effective than 45 pills that contain100mg of the nutrient.

How Do I Get The Best Results from NiacinMax?

The two major effects you are looking for to get the muscle benefits are:

  1. Vasodilation; and
  2. HGH boost

Due to the speed at which the tongue strip is absorbed, the Vasodilation effect will come quickly. That’s ideal, because you want that in the gym while you lift and power through your workout.

NOTE: We should mention ‘The Niacin Flush’ here. This is a natural and necessary effect of Niacin. It is called a flush because your face and neck (and sometimes body) will redden slightly and might even feel tingly.

This is the vasodilation effect at work and is a benefit, and NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Some people are a little discomforted until they find out that it is fine and actually something incredibly useful.

NiacinMaxThe HGH boost will come later – perhaps a couple hours after the gym. In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter when it comes as you will benefit from the surge of HGH on a daily basis, in between your gym sessions.

It’s more of a consistency thing. Provided you get the boost, you will reap the rewards from your training.

The fact that it comes within a few hours of your workout is a complete bonus!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Doctor ApprovalAside from the flush, there are no other side effects for the average person.

In fact, its design prevents the need for any liver taxing which might happen with traditional tablets or capsules.

People who are on medication or that have a heart condition, or any other known health condition need to consult their doctor first.

It’s a powerful supplement after all, and you don’t want it contra-indicating medication.

Pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid any supplement that hasn’t been approved by their doctor.

Is There A Guarantee? What If I Don’t Like It?

Having used this product, we strongly suspect it will be the best thing you have discovered in a long time.

That said, there is a 67 day money-back guarantee. The first 60 days allows you to even try the product for 2 months.

The additional 7 allows you to return the packaging (see the manufacturers requirements) and not eat into the initial 60 days.

It’s a very good policy.

Are There Any Special Offers?

NiacinMax Web BannerYes. Niacin Max is a new product for the general public, and is available at some special prices at the moment, including:

  • Buy 60 strips + Get 30 FREE
  • Buy 90 strips + Get 60 FREE

Both of the above come with Fast + FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Conclusion and Recommendations

NiacinMax Special OffersNiacinMax is available from the exclusive product website and can be shipped for FREE to most countries, inc. USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, European Countries…and more.

If you are trying to bulk up in the gym, or otherwise build toned muscle, this is a no-brainer. NiacinMax is at the forefront of current supplement science and knocks the competition out of the park.

There are other similar liposomal products but none seem to get the valuable product into the bloodstream quite like this one.

It is good for both men and women to use and can be considered a true performance-enhancer, which also happens to be legal.

We are sold on this, and can absolutely recommend it to our readers too. Follow the link below to view special offers and purchase if you wish.

Using our link helps us become more present on the web and allows our site to continue bringing the best advice from the experts.

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