Muscletronic iGCP Tested and Reviewed

muscletronic bottleIt’s been a while since we’ve been able to do much on this site. The GHBoosters family have been off having babies; healthy ones, thankfully.

And, truthfully, not many supplements have jumped out, screaming ‘review me’ – especially considering time has been of the essence lately.

Recently, however, a new product landed on our desk which spurred us to dust off the old review engine and turn the ignition key.

What’s even better – it’s meant to be an ideal supplement to complement a gym program. Given we’ve been taking the exercise lightly for a couple months, and the new year arrived, the timing couldn’t have been better for a product test cycle.

So, here’s our review of Muscletronic iGPC.


What is Muscletronic iGPC?

Muscletronic is a fat burner and muscle growth supplement, coupled with cognitive boosters and nootropic compounds to form a complete bodybuilding/physique transforming product.

It sounds like a lot in one supplement but the formula contains ingredients which on their own are capable of having more than one of these effects, and so together have the whole effect.

According to the research, it works through a combination of synergy and multi-functionality. It isn’t rocket science, it just means finding compounds which heighten one another’s effects AND which have more than one effect individually.

Here’s the Muscletronic Mission from the site:

Muscletronic mission

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Benefits of Muscletronic iGPC

muscletronic scalesThe product has been designed to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio by including ingredients which encourage muscle growth, burn fat and elevate cognitive function.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Power (leading to greater muscle gains)*
  • Increased Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Heightened Concentration, Focus and Drive
  • Tighter Mind-Muscle Connection*
  • Improved Mood and Reduced Stress
  • Stronger Willpower to Resist Junk Food

*There is an assumption that you engage in regular exercise, including resistance training. The results will not be as effective otherwise.

Ingredient Formula

Muscletronic contains the following ingredients and their amounts in 4 pills (max daily dosage):

  • Alpha GPC – 150mg
  • Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) – 300mg
  • Coleus Forskohlii – 500mg (assuming 10% Forskolin)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 600mg
  • Caffeine – 300mg
  • L-Theanine – 300mg
  • Citrus Aurantium – 200mg (assuming 10% synephrine)
  • Piperine – 12mg
  • Vitamin B Complex

Alpha lipoic acidAlpha GPC is a diverse and powerful ingredient. It is cholinergic, meaning it increases neurotransmitter activity (acetylcholine) which both improves cognitive function and heightens the neuro-muscular connection, equating to more force output during each repetition in the gym and thus greater muscle growth response.

It can also increase levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) leading to improved muscle growth and recovery of muscle, bone and connective tissue.

Coleus Forskohlii acts as a stimulating fat burner in the body, and a cognitive booster in the brain. In men, it may also increase levels of testosterone – the principal endogenous anabolic hormone. it is synergistic with caffeine, which provides further cognitive and physical stimulation along with a thermogenic fat burning response.

Caffeine is highly synergistic with Synephrine and L-Theanine, the latter of which smooths out and lengthens the euphoric spike of the two stimulants, whilst improving their effect on alertness, concentration and drive. L-Theanine also increases alpha-waves in the brain which are indicative of a positive, healthy mood and reduced stress levels.

Muscletronic golden rootRhodiola – named Golden Root here – is another stress reducer, boosting L-Theanine’s effect on mood and helping the user resist the urge to snack on junk and comfort food. Interestingly, it also energizes the brain and protects against burn-out and other stress and mental fatigue induced problems.

ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid – has a positive effect on the user’s distribution of nutrients. Where energy may be stored as fat, ALA assists its diversion to muscle tissue for use as fuel instead. This is particularly effective for active adults.

The Piperine increases the absorption and bio-availability of the formula as a whole.

B Vitamins are necessary for a whole swathe of metabolic functions and are commonly lacking in the average westerner’s diet.

Side Effects

Muscletronic does contain some stimulants, so people sensitive to them should take it slow. There’s actually a half-dose strategy included on the packaging. Also, you should definitely eliminate other sources of caffeine while you are cycling on Muscletronic.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, and people with medical conditions, or those taking medication should avoid supplements of this nature.

Pricing and Shipping

Muscletronic is available in a few packages. The top one is the 4 bottle deal, which gets you an addition 2 bottles for FREE and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!…which is crazy, and very cool. That’s basically 2 cycles, if you use it how we are.

There is also a Buy 2 get 1 FREE deal and singular bottles to check out.

Conclusion and Recommendation

muscletronic packageWe’re using Muscletronic on a 12 weeks on – 2 weeks off – 12 weeks on cycle.

Going hard at it in the gym is tough after the strange combination of fatigue and stress that is the first weeks of parenting, however, this is the perfect supplement to kick us up a few gears and get us in the right frame of mind.

The mind-muscle feeling is definitely there, helping us get dialled into every deadlift and squat. The mood lifting effect is possibly the most noticeable though; its like the feeling of vitality you get when breathing in crisp, fresh air!

Brain fog is non-existent on this stuff and controlling the diet after the depressive middle-of-the-night snacking (babies make you eat junk) is a lot easier.

We very much recommend Muscletronic; it does so much for one supplement it’s unreal!!

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The Role of Cognitive Function boosters and Nootropics in Sports Supplements

muscletronic brainIn a way, the formula designed for Muscletronic is representative of the new wave of products entering the market. They are in capsule/pill format, which is nothing new, but they contain a cognitive boosting – or nootropic – element to them.

Both muscle building and fat burning supplement manufacturers appear to be adopting this strategy in at least one of their products per category. And the numbers are only going to grow.

This is happening, largely based on scientific research (as well as common sense hopefully), which supports the concept that your state of mind, level of cognitive function and brain health, have a huge influence on your body’s health and physical performance.

Mind-Muscle Connection

muscletronic manParticularly in the context of exercise, you will have likely heard of the term ‘the Mind-Muscle connection’. This is best described with the example of acetylcholine, which is one of the brain’s primary neurotransmitters. It is responsible for the signals which trigger muscle contractions.

Pretty important, considering the level of neurotransmitter activity in your brain is proportional to the potential force output of your muscles. In short, your mind has direct influence on your strength!

Mood, Stress and Calorie Control

muscletronic scalesWhile your mind can play a huge role in your muscle power, it can also have a major impact on your waistline. You might be thinking your brain is a big calorie burner, so in some ways, the more you use it – the more fat you will burn. It’s true to an extent, but it’s not what we’re talking about here; that effect is nowhere near as big as this…

The real difference is made at the calorie intake stage, i.e. eating!

Much of our ability (or inability) to resist cravings for junk or comfort food is related to our mood. There are many supposed appetite suppressing ingredients in the industry, but few have the impact that the nootropic/cognitive function family do.

Stress can increase cortisol levels, and cortisol is known to heighten your craving for comfort food. This has a dramatic effect because the sugar high, then crash, induces another craving episode, another sugar high and subsequent crash, and so on until you are stuck in a downward spiral.

Therefore, improving your mood and/or reducing your stress level appears to have a profound effect on your ability to control your calorie intake, and thus your fat storage.

couple muscle

Considering all of this, the Muscletronic formula makes sense. There’s no point in separating muscle growth from fat loss and from cognitive function, when they are so strongly intertwined. And there is every point in combining them, especially for the physique-conscious person.

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