Invigorate HGH Review

Invigorate HGH boosterAs the name suggests Invigorate HGH is designed to encourage the body to produce increased amounts of human growth hormone (HGH). The product comes in capsule form and is produced in Utah by Synergistic Nutritional Compounds LLC.

Utah is widely considered to be the diet pill capital of the world so, not surprisingly, the company also produces several weight loss supplements, but diet pills from Utah-based companies have a reputation for being over-hyped and for under delivering on any promises made. Invigorate HGH is not a diet pill, but it’s hard not to take a ‘guilty by association’ stance and presume the worst.

According to the official site Invigorate HGH provides three main benefits:

  • Enhanced muscle mass
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sex life

Note: there are many good HGH Boosters that would suit the maturing individual. This one is specifically targeted toward that consumer but the ingredients are not age-specific. Remember that when you purchase one of these thinking it is more suited to your age.

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What is Invigorate HGH and how does it Work?

HGH booster for getting olderHGH is created by the pituitary gland. It is a valuable hormone that promotes growth, cell reproduction and repair, and helps maintain important organs. As the human body ages though, HGH production begins to dwindle and has usually dropped significantly by the age of 25. By the time 60 rolls around HGH production may have decreased by over 75%.

If it does what the manufacturer says it will Invigorate HGH should have the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland, cause it to step-up HGH production, and help the user recapture a little of their lost youth.

HGH products are usually marketed as anti-ageing formulas, as bodybuilding supplements, or as both. The way Invigorate HGH is marketed appears to indicate the manufacturers may be trying to target consumers who are trying to fight the clock, but if it does what it is supposed to it should help more athletic users pile on some nice, lean, muscle tissue.

Key Ingredients

The manufacturers do not provide any inclusion rates, but the main ingredients are:

  • Zinc:  A mineral believed to stimulate HGH production, but this ability has never been adequately proven. It is, however, often used as a testosterone booster and increasing testosterone levels is known to boost the muscle-building process.
  • Vitamin B6:  A common inclusion in HGH supplements, but its reputation as a HGH provider cannot be backed up by clinical evidence.
  • Gaba:  A chemical produced in the brain. Gaba is a versatile ingredient that has many uses and has been proven to increase HGH production. In one test, conducted at the Division of Athletic Training at Shenandoah University in Winchester, seasoned resistance-trained athletes were given gaba supplements (3g) and the researchers concluded: ‘Our data indicates that ingested GABA elevates resting and post-exercise irGH and ifGH concentrations.’
  • L-Carnitine:  An amino acid that can boost the metabolism and convert fat into useable energy.
  • Alpha GPC:  A study published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition confirmed Alpha GPC can increase growth hormone activity. After anonther study, conducted in 2012, and published in the journal Nutrition, researchers concluded the use of Alpha GPC can increase secretion of HGH and also assist fat oxidation.


The official site fails to provide any information about the correct dosage.

Customer Feedback

The Invigorate HGH website contains a few positive testimonials which have been copied onto other sites that promote the product.

Two example testimonials read:

“Since I’ve started using Invigorate HGH, my energy is definitely up. I also saw noticeable differences in my body. It is heating things up in the bedroom too. I gotta say I haven’t felt like this since I was in college.”

“Invigorate HGH is a big hit! The interesting side effect was that I was starting to get better sleep. I got more energy, especially when I work out. The crazy thing was I was feel like my body reacts much faster to the workouts. I felt like I had less fat, more muscles, and even a difference in the bedroom. I also saw that my mood was better after using Invigorate HGH.”

That sounds very promising, but it’s hard to trust reviews from such a biased source and independent feedback could not be found at the time of this review.

Health Considerations

Looking at the ingredients used side effects seem unlikely, but anybody who has any known or suspected health issues should always play it safe and consult a medical professional before commencing any form of supplementation.

Product Availability and Pricing

Although a few independent online retailers appear to stock Invigorate HGH it is probably easiest to purchase directly from the official product website. International shipping is available and a 30 day supply of capsules usually has a price tag of $29.95.

This is not particularly expensive for a product of this nature and modest discounts and deal sweeteners (free bottles of a companion product) come into play when two or three bottles are ordered at any one time.


All purchases of Invigorate HGH are protected by a 90 day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Invigorate HGH does not contain the most promising blend of ingredients, but two of them (gaba and Alpha GPC) are proven to be effective, so it is possible the capsules may have some potential, but only if the ingredients are included in sufficient quantities and the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to judge if this is the case.

No independent feedback is available, so it likewise difficult to say how well the product has worked for past customers (if the product website reviews are dismissed). Invigorate HGH may work or it may not. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the odds remain in the customers favor because the money back guarantee ensures there is nothing to lose by giving this one a try.

And Another Bottom Line

Companies are smart. Brand something for people getting older and rather than it limiting their customer base, it maximizes the niche population they are going for. People think its a special product to turn back the clock.

The truth is, most of these HGH Boosters go for similar ingredients (some good, some bad and some rattling around in between), but what they all do – regardless of having a muscle bound gym fanatic or a smiling grey haired geezer on the packaging – is the same thing.

So if you are on the mature end of the spectrum and looking for a great product to boost your Growth Hormone levels…and your workouts (don’t forget the workouts), then don’t feel limited to the smiling old man packaging.

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