Growth Hormone Sleep Supplements

push upsSince the supplement industry realized there was money to be had in the natural growth hormone boosting sector (entirely different to synthetic growth hormone), there has been a flurry of products released.

Generally they contain a suite of ingredients that are included for their various interactions with the pituitary gland (which produces human growth hormone) or any number of related pathways that can help keep the consumer’s levels of this important hormone optimal.

Endogenous GH Release

It’s been well documented for a long time that our greatest endogenous (body’s natural) production of growth hormone occurs as we sleep. For the average person, this activity is at its highest during the growth spurt years and early twenties when the muscularity and bone strength that makes up our adult physique is developing toward its peak form.

Decline in Age

human growth hormoneAs the body ages, there is a concomitant decline of growth hormone (amongst other hormones). This is a good thing in one respect; who wants to keep getting taller for the best part of a century? We’d never be allowed on theme park rides for one thing, and that’s just depressing.

However, a certain level of HGH swimming around our systems is still desirable. For bodybuilders, weightlifters and all people similarly inclined, having optimal levels of endogenous human growth hormone is necessary in order to get the best results from the resistance training they so crave.

It’s worthy of note that resistance training alone can stimulate the release of growth hormone and other anabolic agents such as testosterone. That’s a good thing, but there is yet more we can do to increase our dwindling supply. Nutrition and sleep are the other two aspects of the anabolic trifecta. Ask anyone in very good shape, what they do to build muscle and the answer should not be ‘lift weights a lot’. The more accurate response would be ‘eat and sleep enough’.

That’s because muscle growth does not happen in the gym – the weights are only the stimulus. The real construction work happens during rest, particularly at night, and ideally over about an 8 hour period. Food is the raw material we ingest, but sleep is when we build most of our muscle.

Crazybulk HGHX2

At GH Boosters, we recommend a variety of GH Booster supplements that have been selected from a growing pool of products on the market.

HGH-X2 is one of best in our opinion, especially within the context of sleep-aided muscle growth.

The formula is the strongest we have tested, and as a result HGH-X2 Somatropinne became a part of a regular supplement routine.

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And then there’s supplements

It Always Comes Back to Sleep

So, there’s a general underlying theme to this article that I’m positive you’ve detected.

It might seem obvious to some people, but to others, they just…don’t…get it! They beast themselves in the gym, work their a**es off in the office, yard, shop or wherever, look after their kids, WAGs, houses, dogs, finances. And, they eat right, but they can’t seem to pack on the muscle. Also, they are tired constantly.

I will refer those people to the above section because they are missing the crucial, dominant factor of building muscle – you guessed it, sleep.

Growth Hormone Supplements and Sleep

getting more sleepThis is what the supplement industry understand, and it’s a valid idea too. Get enough shut-eye at night and there is a more than likely chance of your muscle mass growth potential being maximized.

If you have checked the boxes next to:

  • Training: the stimulus
  • Eating: the raw material
  • Sleep: the bulk construction time

…then you can add another to your armoury, with:

  • a good supplement: the icing on the cake.

The top Growth Hormone supplement manufacturers have got it on lock. It’s a bit of a recent trend but most of them will generally release a sleep-aid/HGH stimulator, but the really shrewd ones have the Day/Night formula.

I consider this to be the best type of GH supplement. You’ll take a pill or two in the morning and one before you go to sleep for 24 hour growth hormone support. That’s my opinion, and there are so many combinations these days that it’s difficult not to want to try them all out. That’s a confusing way of going about it though. Usually I recommend someone uses a supplement for 2 to 3 months before deciding whether it helped and either continuing with that one, or looking elsewhere.

Recommended HGH Supplements

Crazybulk HGHX2On this site, we’ve reviewed a fair few of these supplements and we’ve got a best-of page where you can read a summary of the ones we think not only make the cut, but that gave us results.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of HGH-X2; they have got the Day/Night formula down, and they’ve built a cocktail of some of the most proven ingredients (and some of the less proven ones), and it’s arguably a winner.

Don’t rule out any of them though. Like I said, it’s a case of trying things out in the supplement game.

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