MuscleMeds HexaGHen IGF-1 Booster

MuscleMeds GH boosterMusclemeds have become a big name in the sports supplement industry. With the signing of Kai Greene – the big IFBB Pro Bodybuilder that narrowly missed out to Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath in the latest Mr. Olympia contest – they have a big name to add to their clout.

The company says they have used Kai as their test subject to improve their supplements and become a market leader. MuscleMeds are definitely going for the pharmaceutical-sounding science packed approach to selling their goods.

Mostly, we’re currently interested in where they are going in the Growth Hormone boosting sector. That leads us to looking more closely at their HexaGHen product.

What is HexaGHen?

MuscleMeds do not mince their words. They call themselves ‘the cure for small muscles’, and they are equally candid with their sales pitch of the individual products like HexaGHen. They say it will help induce a ‘deep anabolic sleep’ that will help you grow muscle and burn fat overnight.

So from that, you can tell it’s a bed-time formula. This is quite a popular angle these days because of the research into Human Growth Hormone telling us that we release most of it at night while we are sound asleep.

It doesn’t take a big leap of faith to understand that when we are resting most deeply, our muscles can recover at their best rate. Also, that process will require fat as a portion of the fuel burned.

How Does HexaGHen Work?

Really, products like this are aiming to boost our natural system to accelerate our training gains. From the science pitch, they are using an amino hexapeptide called GHRP-2 which along with other components can inhibit IGFBP-3. Going deeper, the latter there is a binding protein which modulates the actions of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) which is itself the principal anabolic component of the human growth hormone. [Source].

Long story short, MuscleMeds say their patented version, HexaGHen can increase levels of free IGF-1 in the muscles to help them grow back stronger and bigger. You sort of have to take them for their word as well considering the product label shows nothing but HexaGHen at 12.6mg.

The supplement is in the form of a FastSorb (trademark of MuscleMeds) tablet which goes under the tongue and melts, the idea being that it is absorbed quicker in to the system and also avoids its breakdown in the digestive system, which would waste a lot of it before it gets to the receptors in the brain.

Advertised Benefits

Given that the underlying idea is to increase your IGF-1 levels, the benefits should include:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Faster muscle repair and recovery
  • Quicker return from injury
  • Reduction in body fat

The MuscleMeds website bombards you with the science but the above benefits are our interpretation of the supplement’s goals when it boils down to it.

HexaGHen Potential Negatives and Side Effects

Growth hormone and IGF-1 boosters are relatively new to the supplement industry and the companies are very good at churning out the ‘research-backed’ science in the hope that you will buy what they are selling. It’s difficult as a customer to decide whether something might be worth buying when the selling points are so bafflingly heavy.

Musclemeds hexaghenAn increase in your natural free IGF-1 levels would definitely be a good thing but we don’t really know too much about HexaGHen at a 12.6 mg dose to tell you that it will categorically work.

The FastSorb technology certainly sounds good but is that a way of getting it through to the hypothalamus-pituitary axis quicker? Again, you have to take a lot of it on face value.

As for side effects, we really can’t imagine there would be any ill effects from taking this product. We’d advise checking with your doctor (that or getting a Phd) before taking it if you are unsure about it, and certainly checking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any other medical condition.

HexaGHen Pricing and Availability

At the time of writing this, the MuscleMeds site is currently asking for $80 (£50) for a 6 week cycle. There is a cycle of 2 weeks on/1 week off on the label which you should follow.

You can buy MuscleMeds supplements from the bodybuilding website and GNC as well as their home site.

Usage Directions

The label on the packaging states you should take 2 FastSorb tablets 30 minutes before bedtime and let them melt under your tongue. That should be done for two weeks before taking a week off. The cycle should be repeated which takes you to 6 weeks. They suggest you then repeat the whole routine again.

So basically 2 weeks on and 1 week off (x2) = 28 tablets = $80

Is it Recommended?

Prime Male top T boosterWe certainly like the idea of something as simple as a melting tablet giving us excellent gains in muscle while we sleep, even though it sounds a bit like a dream (boom-boom!).

It comes down to whether you want to give HexaGHen a shot or go with something that has a bit more rep behind it already.

We recommend Prime Male

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