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PharmaFreak GH FreakGH Freak review. PharmaFreak have released a product developed to increase your growth hormone release at night while improving your sleep quality at the same time. It’s called GH Freak, with the caption: Growth Hybrid Sleep Supplement.

During sleep is when our levels of human growth hormone are at their highest. When you were a child, your parents may have said something along lines that you grew overnight.

While this was partially tongue-in-cheek humour on their part, the truth is that when we were young, the greater portion of our growth spurts were triggered as we slept.

As adults, we do not have anywhere near as much growth hormone release as when we were young and getting taller seemingly every day, but there is still some. Though the quantity of growth hormone we release varies from person to person, there are a few things we can do to boost it in order to experience the benefits. Supplementation alongside regular resistance weight training is one of those ways.

With GH Freak, the manufacturer is tapping into the ‘overnight growth’ mechanism of hormonal activity in our bodies and trying to take advantage of it. We’ll take a look in closer detail and see whether the idea has merit.

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Benefits of Boosting HGH Levels

There’s a number of positive effects to elevating our natural/endogenous levels of human growth hormone. It’s important to note that this is NOT the same as using synthetic/exogenous growth hormone pills or injections, which currently has a large question mark over the safety and legal aspects of doing so (see our editor’s post on the use of synthetic HGH for more information about that).

Natural HGH production comes from the pituitary gland and is regulated/maintained by the hypothalamus, both of which are located in the brain. The key thing to note about HGH boosting supplements is that they developed with ingredients that stimulate the increase the amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary, either that or inhibit agents which prevent its release. Either way, the result is the same.

With respect to an improved body composition and general well-being, the benefits of increasing our endogenous levels of Human Growth Hormone include:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Quicker recovery time from exercise
  • Faster recovery time from injury
  • Decreased Fat mass

How Does GH Freak Work?

Different combinations and dosages of ingredients have been experimented with since the first few GH Booster. It’s clear from looking at the formula for GH Freak that they are concentrating quite heavily on the sleep quality aspect of growth hormone release.


  • Melatonin – primary sleep-induing hormone which our brain releases when it gets dark. Studies show 0.5 to 5mg of melatonin can aid the release of growth hormone at night
  • GABA – some evidence to suggest it helps hormone regulation and acts as a sedating neurotransmitter
  • DHEA – steroidal hormone that might be involved in IGF-1 synthesis. More effective in mature individuals
  • 5-HTP – associated with good mood, deep sleep encouragement and potentially appetite suppressant behaviour
  • L-Theanine – calms the nervous system on its own and reduces jitteriness if used with stimulants
  • Niacin – aka Vitamin B3, necessary for muscle cell function

NOTE: Always follow the safety caution and usage directions on the packaging as advised by the manufacturer.

Side Effects of GH Freak

The formula is based mainly on compounds that the body produces to some degree itself. The hormone boosting agents in this blend are not included at an amount we consider dangerous, although we would always recommend seeking advice from your doctor if you are at all unsure of a supplement’s safety. Also, if you are taking any other medication, or you suffer from a medical condition, or pregnant/breastfeeding then we urge you to again check with a doctor.

Shipping to UK, Canada, Europe and Australia

Due to some of the ingredients in GH Freak, it seems unlikely that the residents of many countries can get hold of it anyway. This is another reason why people who live in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Europe might opt for the alternative products. We’ve dropped a link at the end of the article so you can read about those at your leisure.

Is GH Freak Recommended?

As a sleep-aid, GH Freak definitely has something going for it. Quality sleep, by proxy, should induce a greater release of growth hormone. As for its direct stimulation of HGH, there are stronger supplements available.

Stronger Alternative Supplements

Prime Male top T boosterPrime Male. It is a supplement we have had great success with, given that it is stimulating the release of HGH on a 24 hour basis.

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