Prosource DopaTech-HGH Review

prosource HGH booster Prosource have a range of training supplements and DopaTech HGH is their latest foray into the human growth hormone boosting category.

A clue as to the product’s mode of action is in the first part of the product name; Dopa. This of course refers to dopamine, one of most important hormones in the human endocrine system.

Actually, the main ingredient in DopaTech is Mucuna Pruriens which is the topic of much debate amongst the bodybuilding and supplement world at the moment.

Relatively young, in terms of researched ingredients, Mucuna Pruriens is being studied for its benefit to sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, and for its potential to increase either natural testosterone levels or natural growth hormone levels or both. It works in a similar fashion to other T boosting ingredients and supplements – some of the new testosterone boosters such as TestoPrime use a well researched mix in ingredients (

From Taking to Gaining

Okay, so how do you get from swallowing a pill with Mucuna Pruriens in it to gaining more muscle from your hard workouts – or indeed any of the other benefits of increased growth hormone levels like increased libido, youthfulness and fat reduction?

The order of activity, or chain-reaction, if you like, goes something like this:

1. Mucuna Pruriens contains L-DOPA aka Levodopa
2. L-DOPA is a Dopamine pre-cursor i.e. it is required to make and release Dopamine
3. Dopamine inhibits Somatostatin, which itself inhibits growth hormone release
4. The balance of Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) rises versus Somatostatin
5. Higher release of growth hormone is therefore encouraged

There seems to be some debate as to whether dopamine elevates GHRH or inhibits Somatostatin. For the purposes of then result i.e. growth hormone release – it’s a moot point.

mucuna pruriens beans

Did you know: Mucuna Pruriens are beans, and can be eaten. Unfortunately, if you think you will get the HGH releasing response from eating these beans consider this – the food contains a protein absorption inhibitor (not so good for muscle growth) unless it is cooked.

Of course you will cook the beans you say – sadly when you cook them, you will destroy the L-DOPA as well. Damn these beans – you can’t win!!!

Potential Benefits of Prosource DopaTech

getting more sleepProsource tout this as a pre-bed supplement, probably because most of our body’s HGH release happens at night. This is why, when we were young, adults used to tell us we had grown overnight; we had more HGH coursing through our veins than we knew what to do with.

Anyway, it stands to reason that a GH booster would be taken before bed time. One thing we think is strange is that the pathway used is Dopamine stimulation. Dopamine is one of our main feel-good, motivation, go-get-em neurotransmitter hormones so it feels like a bit of a waste to take it before going to sleep. Not that it’s going to have a stimulant effect, but we’d rather be awake for the feel-good factor.

That said, some people who use Dopamine precursors say they have great night’s sleep and dream a lot so perhaps the feel-good factor is still felt.

Prosource claim the benefits of using DopaTech are as follow:

  • improved mood and feelings of well-being
  • heightened libido
  • increased serum HGH levels
  • deeper more quality sleep

Usage Guidelines

Prosource recommend that 4 capsules are taken at bed-time. This provides a dose of:

  • 200mg of Vitamin C
  • 300mg of L-DOPA via 2000mg of Mucuna Pruriens extract (standardized for 15% L-DOPA)*

*Some sources including a trusted scientific peer review source we often use suggest that a 5000mg daily dose of Mucuna Pruriens is needed for it to become bio-active.

Prosource DopaTech Side Effects and Safety

There has been no side effects reported of any magnitude during studies of Mucuna Pruriens in supplement form. Eating the beans raw without suitable cooking preparation might be another matter though. And besides, we’ve established that destroys the useful L-DOPA anyway.

Still, as we always err on the side of caution; anyone with a medical condition, currently on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before taking any supplements.

Prosource DopaTech Pricing and Availability

Currently at $22 (£14) a bottle, direct from the Prosource website, this supplement is a bit of a steal. Regardless of whether the dosage is high enough, it might just be a good edition to you cabinet simply for what seems to be its sleep-quality effects.

Not that we’re suggesting you are made of money but this could be a good stack to add to another GH Booster. We have reviewed many that we highly recommend as a principal HGH supplement. Follow the link below in ‘Our Thoughts and Recommendations’ to read more about the best.

Prosource DopaTech Customer Response

The Prosource website shows plenty of reviews of the product and most pertain to the quality of sleep, lucid dreams and libido increasing benefits of the product.

There is certainly something to be said for deep and quality sleep in terms of our growth hormone release.

Our Thoughts and Recommendations

Pro source appear to be in the industry of single-ingredient supplements. Most people therefore will stack several together to build a comprehensive full strength supplement of their own.

Prime Male top T boosterThe idea is a good one, and we’d find it difficult to argue with the individual prices of the products.

When it comes to HGH boosting, and hard core results from the work in the gym, we would go another way.

Prime Male has a day/night system where you take a different dose in the daytime to the one before bed. Check it out, it’s arguably the best in the business at the moment.

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