Cutler KING Product Review

Jay Cutler NutritionCutler King review. Jay Cutler Nutrition have joined Phosphatidic acid club with their latest capsule-form supplement King.

Everyone that lifts weights to get bigger should have heard of the man by who’s name the company goes. Jay Cutler won four Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competitions from 2006 to 2010 along with several other esteemed competitions including 4 times champ of the Arnold Classic.

Basically, what Jay says, goes, at least as far as getting massive is concerned. Most of these top guys are affiliated with, or own, supplement companies.

Of course, how better to make some extra dosh from doing things related to what you love and considered a supreme expert on. Unfortunately, the one thing they can’t add to the supplements they endorse, or sell, is the magic touch; the gift, the drive and the single-mindedness that got them so far.

Top Supps That Trigger Growth

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On this site, we mainly review the Growth Hormone Boosters on the supplement market. The mTOR pathway has many inputs; HGH (Human Growth Hormone) being one of the major ones. GH Boosting supplements have a bonus element to them in our opinion.

Not only can they help us grow mass and strength due to their ingredient make-up (even illegal synthetic HGH can’t help you with strength levels) but they may also help you reduce your fat levels.

The products we have reviewed and determined to be the best in their class can be found by following the link provided below. For us, they have all been a valuable addition to our training programs.

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So, Jay Cutler King is very similar to the other Phosphatidic acid supplements that are available. This ingredient has recently been studied for its interaction with the mTOR pathway – a very fundamental cellular function of many other upstream processes which support amongst other things protein synthesis and survival.

The science is interesting, to say the least, if not a bit conflicted. As fat as training supplements go, this is cutting edge stuff. You can judge for yourself as to whether breaking new ground is a good thing in this industry. Some people are more of the ‘trusted if it’s tried and tested’ persuasion. Let’s get more explanation and go from there.

How Does Jay Cutler King Work?

Cutler KING pillsIt’s funny; it wasn’t long ago at all that you could say a supplement increased protein synthesis rates in resistance trained men and that was good enough for most people. Anything that has a positive impact on the speed and volume of muscle growth actually is good enough, provided it’s safe and affordable (though affordability is a relative thing).

More recently though, product manufacturers use a more subtle approach to sell their gear: befuddlement. Now, we get to read a bunch of scientific jargon about things most people are reading about for the first time on what is essentially a fancy advertisement.

I know what you’re thinking: can we please discuss the supplement?

Yes. So, Jay Cutler’s King is one of the latest supps promising to activate your mTOR pathways and stimulate greater muscle recovery and growth in response to resistance weight training.

What I was blustering on about a minute ago is this: where it would have been plugged simply using the protein synthesis pitch, now it’s all about mTOR signalling. For all intents and purposes, they’re the same thing. At least with respect to what this type of supplement is trying to achieve.

The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a protein that research has demonstrated to be a kind of cellular level master switch for the growth, proliferation and ultimately survival of cells. In the context of muscle-building, the growth bit equates to protein synthesis regulation, which we all know is the foundation of muscle tissue construction.

Phosphatidic acid (PA) enters the stage as signalling agent. Our muscle fibre cells naturally release this substance when they are under load from say, lifting a dumb bell. PA then signals the mTOR complex 1 to initiate protein synthesis. The theory, which has recently been backed up through clinical trials, is that by adding more PA via supplementation, the mTOR signalling is multiplied several fold, and so is the rate of protein synthesis.

What Are the Benefits?

bloodThe promised benefits should now be fairly obvious. Increased protein synthesis equals more muscle recovery, repair and – what the bodybuilders really want to hear – overcompensation, i.e. growth.

King includes a dose of JCN’s trademarked Niagen (Nicotinamide riboside), which may help boost mitochondrial energy and thus reduce fat from the increased metabolism. The Niagen is part of the 1000mg proprietary dose with Phosphatidic acid.


Like most of the mTOR supplements, King comes with very few ingredients:

  • Activator ™ – this is the blend of different sources of Phosphatidic acid
  • Vitamin D3 – probably here to help absorption, and Vit D3 is a bone strengthener
  • Niagen – as discussed, this might help energy related fat burning and improve endurance
Note: JCN King does not contain the Mediator variant of phosphatidic acid, which competing companies such as Fuel: One (Phospha Build) and Max Nutrition (MaxxTOR) have included in their mTOR supplements. Mediator was reputedly the exact one used in the clinical trial at the University of Tampa Bay, however, there is no information to say that Activator – the trademarked variant from JCN – is any different to Mediator with regard to bioavailablity or function.

Other Comments

There is a lot of research left to do in the area of mTOR signalling and its advantages and disadvantages. Scientists can manipulate the gene which codes the protein in small mammals like mice now, and by playing with it like a dimmer switch, they are starting to discover some very interesting things.

The true benefits of stimulating the pathway to increase its output, for want of a better word, are yet to be fully understood. Not to say that you should be careful with the product, but if you are more in the tried and empirically tested’ supplement club then you might want to stick with some old favourites with more of a proven track record for efficacy and safety, for the time being at least.


Of the Phosphatidic acid supplements we have reviewed, JCN are the first to have included their own blend instead of the the Mediator version from the clinical trial template. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is certainly a fact reflected in the price.

A bottle of 30 servings is more around the $30 mark, which is by far the least expensive on the roster. The closest viable competition is more in the region of $80 for the same amount. Make of that what you will.

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There are supplements that will also trigger your protein synthesis rates to go up. On this site, there are several reviews of the more effective capsule supplements available at the moment.

In our humble opinion the top supps will always be those you cannot find on the shelves of a GNC or other high street store.

That’s because those stores charge a huge premium simply for paying the overheads that a shop must to survive. Spend less on the online market and you get much more for your money.

A product we really like is Prime Male – it does what it says on the tin and is backed up by a looong money back guarantee – 90 days. Oh and and there are one two famous people that have put their name to it as well.

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