Lowerol: The LDL Lowering Supplement

egg yolk cholesterolYou might have read our article about dietary cholesterol, and how the US government is about to remove from the long list of health warnings. If so, then you will know a little bit more than the average person about what cholesterol is and that it is in fact a very important molecule in our bodies.

Without cholesterol we would die – it is responsible for several functions of cellular membranes and other core processes. Those who have been avoiding it for the last 30 years in their diets are lucky then, that we synthesize it within our bodies anyway.

So why still do we need to lower cholesterol? And how come people to this day talk about good and bad cholesterol?

The answer to both of those questions is that the culprit is not actually cholesterol at all, but a transporter of cholesterol called Low Density Lipoprotein, or LDL for short. Along the way, this lipoprotein got tagged with the label “Bad Cholesterol” and from there on, the nickname stuck.

LDL lowering supplementLOWEROL

LOWEROL is just about the most effective LDL lowering supplement available in our opinion.

The supplement includes powerful ingredients which not only lower LDL, but further protect the heart, arteries and cells from the destructive power of oxidation and free-radicals.

If you want to reduce those LDL levels without the use of statin drugs that can cause side effects then we strongly advise you to go for Lowerol.

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What’s LDL’s Problem?

blood flowThe issue arises when there are too many LDL molecules roaming around in our blood, full of cholesterol that our other cells cannot use because they have enough of it. These get oxidized – or wasted – and when they do, they can release their fatty material into the arteries that they travel along.

Also, other agents like macrophages come along and gorge on this material and get big and bloated, thereby causing the arterial blockages that can lead eventually to heart disease.

There’s Also “Good” Cholesterol

Again, not strictly cholesterol, but we’re very fortunate to have another cholesterol carrier called High Density Lipoprotein, or HDL. this lipoprotein finds that loose cholesterol and fat deposit in the arteries, scoops it up, and takes it all away to the liver for excretion or to other organs that need it.

Ratio is Key

There are many people that have one of two problems: too much LDL, or too little HDL.

HDL is really the hero we want to endure so lowering the levels of LDL is always the prime objective. Not matter what, the ratio of Total Cholesterol to HDL should be a lot less than 5:1. When HDL is only 1 part in 5, we have a problem.

Now, remember that this is really a measure of the amount of one type of lipoprotein compared to another. The actual cholesterol isn’t really the issue – and that is why dietary cholesterol is now being cleared as safe by the US and has been for a while elsewhere.

The main reason is that our bodies will produce cholesterol to make up the difference we don’t take on in our diets anyway. And if we have a cholesterol rich diet, our body will back off the endogenous production.

Balanced Diet, Exercise and Supplements

balanced dietOf course, there are things you can do to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance at avoiding the risk of heart disease. Regular check-ups at the doctor are a good way to monitor your improvement.

A well-rounded diet, comprising all the major food groups, macro-nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats), vitamins, minerals is key to your longevity.

Regular exercise will help keep the fat levels down, which is one of the major contributors to heart disease.

Finally, a supplement can be the secret weapon that high LDL levels never saw coming. There are some really interesting products hitting the market at the moment, and Lowerol – which we talk about below – is by far our favourite.

LOWEROL – The LDL Lowering Supplement

3 bottle Lowerol dealLowerol is not a statin drug, which is the first thing a doctor will prescribe someone with high LDL levels.

There have been substantially negative reports about the effects of statin drugs in recent years and thankfully there is now another option, in the form of Lowerol.

Lowerol uses a blend of natural ingredients that are rapidly becoming recognized for their safe and effective reduction of LDL levels and maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels:

Red Yeast Rice and Policosanol

  • Red Yeast Rice has monacolin K which can act like a statin but doesn’t have the side effects. It helps normalise blood cholesterol levels.
  • Policosanol can lower LDL and raise HDL

Grape Seed Extract

GSE is excellent for optimal blood circulation and is packed with antioxidants to combat the oxidation of LDL and plaque buildup in the arteries.

Coenzyme Q10

Another elite antioxidant, Q10 protects the heart and cells from harmful free radicals.

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