Xcap IGF Blast Review

IGF Blast bottleIGF Blast is a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser manufactured in the USA by Biototics Research Corporation. The company has been producing dietary supplements for over 35 years, and that could probably been seen as a good sign, but IGF Blast is not a particularly impressive product.

The company also produces an identical product called Gammanol Forte, which they market under their own banner. IGF blast is one of several duplicates the company market under the brand name Xcap.

The only difference between the Xcap range and the company’s other products is the Xcap products are all associated with the American actor, and 6x Ultimate Fighting Champion, Randy Couture. Having said that, the Xcap range does have nicer looking labels, but it’s what is inside the bottle that counts, and the Gammonol Forte clone doesn’t really have a lot going for it if the label is stripped off.

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What is IGF Blast and how does it Work?

IGF Blast bannerIGF Blast is a rice-based formulation designed to stimulate the pituitary gland and cause it to secrete extra HGH.

HGH helps efficient protein synthesis and assists cell growth. It offers proven benefits to bodybuilders and other athletes who are trying develop quality muscle tissue. HGH can also help the body to burn off excess fat. After adolescence is reached natural HGH production is stepped down and diminishes considerably by the age of 25. Products like IGF Blast are intended to rectify this and help bring HGH levels up to a more useful level.

According to the manufacturers supplementation with IGF Blast can increase serum IGF-1 levels in women by an average of 45%. They fail to state if men can expect a similar reaction though, and provide no supportive information so it’s just a case of taking their word about its abilities—or not.

Key Ingredients

IGF Blast contains just two active ingredients, both of which are rice extracts:

  • FRAC (50mg)
  • Gamma Oryzanol (25mg)

Frac is a trademark protected ingredient created by Biotics Research Corporation. Gamma Oryzanol is an extract obtained from rice bran oil and rice germ oil. It is often credited with testosterone boosting powers, but some tests indicate the ingredient may actually retard testosterone production. As a HGH booster it may have more potential.  In one study bodybuilders were given 30mg of gamma oryzanol each day for two months and by the end of the study period significant increases in strength and lean body mass were recorded. This is certainly a point in the ingredient’s favor, but further study is required.


According to the Xcap website one tablet should be taken three times each day, but the following statement, printed directly below the usage instructions, suggests the daily dose may be doubled:

* Most Athletes take three tablets in the morning right when you wake up and three tablets and night right before bed. Timing is critical and makes a difference.

Customer Feedback & Testimonials

No customer feedback could be found at the time of this review.

Health Considerations

Side effects are unlikely, but pregnant or nursing mothers should always play it safe and consult a doctor before commencing any form of supplementation. The same advice is offered to anyone who has existing health issues or concerns.

Product Availability and Pricing

A tub of 180 tablets costs around $30 when purchased from the Xcap website. IGF Blast is also available from a few independent online retailers so slight savings can be made by doing a little shopping around.


No money back guarantee is offered.

The Bottom Line

As with any supplement, the ingredients used are one of the most important considerations. IGF Blast utilizes rice-based ingredients and there are no stimulants or other nasties to dilute the blend and offer the potential for side effects.  Judging by the limited amount of information available about the two key ingredients it is possible the blend may possess some potential as a HGH boosting compound, but neither ingredient compares well to other HGH boosting ingredients such as GABA (tested and proven to work).

If customer feedback could provide a good insight into the blends potential as a HGH booster, but none is available, and IGF Blast is sold without a money back guarantee, so the product does not compare well to some of the available alternatives.

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