Anabolic Designs Supplements Review

AD storeAnabolic Designs under their enigmatic bodybuilding CEO Joe Binley have made us wake up and smell the supplements. So much so that we’re going to dedicate this multi-product review page to their line of groundbreaking supps alone.

Firstly, we should say that they have something for everyone in the range. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female; young or clocking on; bulky as hell or wiry as a rake; they appear to have all bases covered. And, somewhat synergistically they have every physique or training goal you could think of sorted as well. If you want a fat-burner that’s also anabolic with a mood-enhancing twist, then look no further – Shredabull is the answer.

Perhaps you want to activate your mTOR pathways and convert all that expensive food you’ve been eating into muscle growth results…then Synthacharge is for you.

Before we look at our favourite AD products, there’s one more thing: – Dosage.

It’s often overlooked by the big supplement companies because they get richer quicker if they don’t fully dose their product. They can get away with it because there is often no recommended daily allowance for so many of these ingredients; so they don’t have to conform to any rules.

Anabolic Designs are one of the few companies that seem to care about the potency of their supplements. They put the amount in that was used in successful trials, and that’s just logical.

Let’s take a look.


Shredabull ADWe mentioned this beast earlier. It’s the Anabolic Design answer to the question: How Do You Make A Fat-Burning Machine In A Pill?

Shredabull is made up of what the company calls Matrices. Basically, these are groups of ingredients that exert similar effects. Shredabull isn’t your run of the mill fat-burner, see. It’s got to be one of the most ambitious and worthwhile supplements available today. Yes it burns fat, but what else.

The Matrices:

Incinerate: the thermogenic matrix in the blend. Designed to boost metabolism and burn fat. Highlights: It has the widely acknowledged White Willow Bark – Caffeine – Synephrine stack inside it. Added to that we reckon the Capsaicin, Green Tea Extract, Ginger Root and Raspberry Ketones should help you strip the fat in no time.

ThyroCharge: efficiency of nutrient utilization and increased thyroid function (and so metabolism) are the order of the day here. Highlights: Coleus Forskohlii and Guggulsterones are powerful inclusions. We think Coleus Forskohlii should be in everything. There’s evidence that it burns fat and helps build muscle. What a soldier!

Sectretrophin: the GH Booster matrix!! Highlights: Alpha GPC and Mucuna Pruriens are in the mix to boost your natural growth hormone release and keep you anabolic even during the shred sessions. Alpha GPC is an expensive ingredient so we’re really impressed that’s in!

LipoCarbolate: controlling your intake of junky fat and carbs is of prime importance when you’re on a cut phase or general weight loss mission. Highlights: White Kidney Bean is a powerful carb blocker and Chitosan is a fat-binder of top quality.

Cortikill: your diet/cutting goals along with exercise can lead to an increase in the stress hormone. Even everyday life can. Cortisol can harm your chances of retaining muscle mass. The Cortikill matrix controls the release of cortisol and helps you stay anti-catabolic. Highlights: Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha – how can they be putting all this stuff in? These are excellent ingredients: mood enhancers, cortisol reducers, even memory improvers!!

Neuro Zone: there’s already enough ingredients in Shredabull that improve cognitive function but AD thought it best to add a matrix dedicated to it. Highlights: N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Vinpocetine and more make this one of the best nootropic supplements we’ve seen, let alone Fat-Burners with a difference.

Honestly, there’s not much to say other than this: Shredabull is a force of nature, and everyone’s supplement cupboard, shelf, bag, or whatever, should have one!

It’s basically the supplement we would design if we had only one that we could.

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TAUROTEST V2 (Beta Formula)

Taurotest V2We’ve seen Testosterone Boosters but this is just silly. The company must have gone on a global search for every single natural booster out there. The recipe list is like a cross between a shopping list and a tropical rainforest species manifest.

Don’t be put off by the sheer quantity of ingredients or think that they are spread too thin. In our opinion it’s a brave project and really exhibits the soul of Anabolic Designs. As a company, their roots are clearly in scientific formulation with a passionate drive for solid results in their customers’ body composition objectives.

No more apt could a supplement manufacturer display this side of themselves than with an ultimate male sex-hormone booster like TauroTest V2.

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SynthaChargeThink supplements are expensive? What about your food bills? Especially if you are trying to pile on the muscle, eh!

In fact, the majority of your goals are going to be accomplished through your diet, whether you are looking to bulk up or slim down. What you eat can make 70% of the difference. Training is just the stimulus to make the growth of muscle and the reduction of fat more pronounced. Oh and then there’s your sleep, which is when most of this muscle growth happens by the way.

SynthaCharge has been formulated to activate your mTOR pathways and utilize all that food you eat and translate it into real-world gains.

Much of mTOR’s activity is triggered by the use of your muscles, but a hell of a lot is activated by hormones such as insulin, growth hormone and growth factors. All of that combined just makes mTOR the central command.

So, SynthCharge employs a host of amino acids and specialized probiotics to help you make the maximum gains possible from your workout-diet-sleep combination.

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AD membership cardThere’s just 3 of the supplements we like the most from the Anabolic Designs product line. When you click the links we have provided then you can help us to fund the upkeep of this website, so we can continue to do what we love, which is to write about the relevant products, research and subject matter related to the health and fitness community.

Anabolic Designs impressed us with their breadth of knowledge of how to design and manufacture solid supplements that will help even the most inexperienced novice find their way to the ultimate goal.