BPI Sports – A-HD Elite: Androgenic Support

A-HD Elite packagingHere is a product that contains none of the usual suspects found in many of the testosterone boosters on the market today. No Tribulus, Longjack or Nettle Root to be seen in A-HD Elite.

BPI sports have developed it as a one-pill-a-day dosage, a strategy which many of the bigger supplement companies are experimenting with currently.

The simplicity of a single pill is theoretically appealing, though the difference it makes is relatively little in reality. If taking 2 or four pills at different times a day is a struggle for someone, then life must be very tough.

Even more interesting is the guidelines for taking A-HD Elite, which BPI recommend is for a 4 to 8 week course, followed by 4 weeks off!!

That length of a break between cycles probably goes against the ethos of every marketing department on Earth, after all, they want to sell sell sell. So, BPI deserve some credit for sticking to the guideline, which is usually something related to building tolerance levels to certain ingredients, or a safety precaution. We’ll have a closer look.

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What Is A-HD Elite?

bicep curl BPI Sports calls it Androgenic Testosterone Support, and further explain that it both powerfully supports testosterone and has potential estrogen regulating properties.

Also that it has been developed to promote a harder and leaner body composition provided it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise schedule.

We can’t fault that advice. If there’s one take-home point from this article, it would be that supplements are only effective if they are supplemental to a good base of nutrition and exercise.

BPI already have a product called A-HD, so the Elite version has been designed to be its upgrade, so to speak. They indicate that the ingredients have all been researched for their ability to improve sexual activity.

This can be verified easily enough on the scholarly article database that can be accessed via most of the major search engines.


Open Pill Contents SpilledRather mysteriously, BPI refer to ‘…a clinically researched compound…’ and ‘…a unique plant extract…’ both of which apparently help increase testosterone levels and male performance.

There was a double page spread in one of the more popular muscle magazines recently (Nov 2014 issue) discussing the proven clinical research connected to A-HD Elite’s compounds.

This is essentially the new advertisement method (at least in magazines) of the large companies, and it certainly grabs the attention. We can have a look at what’s inside each pill of this product.

The recipe is a 500mg proprietary blend (per pill) comprised of the following:

  • Montana tomentosa: this is probably the unique plant referred to in BPI’s market copy. Studies with rats has shown it can increase sexual activity and libido. It even made some non-frisky males up for it. [scholarly text]
  • Chenopodium album: BPI say they have extracted the part of this plant that can induce anabolic results. Having been used traditionally for sperm health and sexual stamina, a muscle growth aspect would be a huge bonus.
  • Caesalpinia benthamiana: possesses male enhancement properties according to BPI. Another one where a specific part must be painstakingly extracted, and that’s the bit which has anabolic and androgenic behaviour. [scholarly text]
  • Curcuma longa: this is curcumin, or turmeric for those who know it by that name. There’s nothing bad to say about curcumin. Cook with it, and add black pepper to increase absorption. This is one of the true super foods. BPI say it’s included for testicular function, joint support and promoting muscle growth and recovery. No argument here, it probably does all those things, although considering every Indian consumes bucket loads of the stuff a year, they aren’t known for their muscle-bound population. Just saying.
  • Trichopus zeylanicus: another traditional plant extract used for a long time but more recent research points to a link with testosterone-based performance enhancement. There appears to be some weight to that claim but no-one knows an effective dosage for humans yet. [scholarly text]

Well, holy smokes BPI Sports!!… You certainly know how to test a guy’s ability to pronounce excruciating latin words. Some of the ingredients here clearly have some potential, but how far past the lab rat stage the research is can sometimes be indicative of our level of confidence in the potency and efficacy (and safety, he says, meekly) of some compounds.

This is probably why they have directed the user take a 4 week rest period after the initial cycle of the same length of time.

Side Effects and Safety

Woman DoctorThis has been touched on above, but it’s worth re-iterating that anyone thinking of using this should follow the directions on the packaging.

That goes for any supplement. Discontinue use at the earliest sign of unusual effect.

Also, if you have an existing medical condition and/or taking medication then be sure to consult your doctor before using any supplement.

As for anecdotal reports of side effects, it appears the average user tolerates A-HD Elite well without any negative effects worthy of comment.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Without the cutting edge supplements breaking new ground, we would never find the pearls in the ocean of products out there.

The companies that can afford to give that process a chance – like BPI Sports – are doing so not from some philanthropic drive, but bottom line profits. But then, who cares, especially if they stumble across a gem.

Is A-HD one of the gems (or pearls, whatever)? Perhaps, but there might not be enough to go on just yet to know for sure.

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