Symbiotropin by Nutraceutics Review

Symbiotropin hgh releaserSymbiotropin is a human growth hormone (HGH) releasing supplement manufactured in the USA by Nutraceutics. Symbiotropin differs from the majority of HGH releasers because the more popular capsule form has been dispensed with in favor of an effervescent tablet format.

HGH releasers tend to be marketed either as anti-aging products or as bodybuilding supplements. Although their sales page is quite quiet and shy when compared to those commonly used to sell bodybuilding products, Nutraceutics seems to have created Symbiotropin with bodybuilders in mind.

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What is Symbiotropin and how does it Work?

The key ingredients are amino acids and, as any bodybuilder knows, amino acids are the building blocks the body uses to build muscle. They also offer other benefits though, and several amino acids are known to have the ability to trigger the production of HGH.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. It has a proven ability to encourage the growth of lean muscles, and could be considered one of nature’s greatest gifts, but nature becomes stingy with its gifts after adolescence has been reached, and decreased levels of HGH make it harder for bodybuilders to secure decent gains. HGH releasers are designed to get nature working in the consumer’s favor again, but how well Symbiotropin performs will depend on the amount and quality of ingredients used.

Key Ingredients

Two tablets provide 200mg of sodium, 596mg of potassium, and 3650mg of a proprietary blend.

The Symbiotropin Blend contains:

  • Glutamine:  A tested and proven ingredient, glutamine can significantly increase HGH within 90 minutes of supplementation.
  • L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate:  In one study 15 male volunteers were given 1200mg of L-arginine L-Pyroglutamate combined with L-Lysine hydrochloride. A significant rise in their HGH levels was noted at 30 to 120 minutes after supplementation.
  • L-Lysine HCI:  When combined with L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate (above) L-Lysine HCI should provide the same results as L-Lysine hydrochloride.
  • Pituitary Powder (porcine):  Some studies indicate pituitary powder can raise HGH levels and lessen some age-related conditions including poor muscle tone.
  • Glycine:  After one study entitled “Stimulatory Effect of Glycine on Human Growth Hormone Secretion” the researchers concluded: ‘The facts demonstrated that glycine is one of the stimulatory agents inducing the pituitary gland to secrete HGH’.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): GABA’s proven ability to stimulate HGH production has resulted in it becoming a common inclusion in supplements designed to trigger HGH release.
  • Stevia Extract:  A natural sweetener—probably included to help with the taste.


One or two tablets should be dissolved in 4 to 6oz. of water and be consumed as soon as they are fully dissolved. For best results the tablets should be taken on an empty stomach, just before going to bed.

After each five days of use a two day break will be required. This cycle can be followed for three months, after which supplementation should be stopped for a month.

Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Very little customer feedback is available, but so far nobody has anything too bad to say about the product.

“I took this mainly for my gym training and regulation of hormones, and the added bonus of good skin . . . . The only downside is the various sugar forms in the drink- which is not good when you workout, want to be lean and avoid ageing quickly. It hasn’t done anything for my slow metabolism or anything else and I mostly eat clean food.”

“Excellent results! Great investment!”

“I do appreciate that the product requires approximately 3 months of continual use to reap the greater benefit, but after only one full round at age 63 I readily see and feel an improvement=)))”

Health Considerations

Symbiotropin contains potassium and its inclusion could be problematic for some users. Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised to seek medical advice before supplementation is commenced. Potassium can interact badly with and/or interfere with the way some medications work. It can also aggravate some medical conditions, so anyone who is taking any form of medication—or who has existing health issues of any kind—should consult their doctor prior to taking Symbiotropin.

Product Availability and Pricing

Customers who live in USA may be able to find a local Symbiotropin stockiest in their area by using the store-locating tool on the Nutraceutics website. Customers who live elsewhere in the world will probably have to buy online. Symbiotropin is available from the Nutraceutics website and can also be purchased from a number of online stores. There may be slight fluctuations in price from one supplier to the next, but expect to pay around $70.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

In theory Symbiotropin should have the ability to work in the intended manner because it contains some good ingredients that have been proven to boost HGH. How well the tablets will work in the real world is debatable though.

The use of a proprietary blend means no inclusion rates are available for individual ingredients and if their quantities are insufficient results are likely to be poor.

The fact that so little customer feedback is available also makes it hard to speculate on the product’s potential and $70 is a lot to pay for a product that may not worke—specially with the absence of a money back guarantee. Symbiotropin may very well work, but if it doesn’t its $70 the customer will never see again.

Recommended Alternatives

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