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Prime T RSP Nutrition Prime-T is a “scientifically formulated testosterone support” supplement according to the manufacturer, RSP Nutrition.

It’s main benefit is to naturally support serum and free testosterone levels. The ‘free testosterone’ part being the main draw for most customers.

Free testosterone is the stuff floating around, ready to be used for positive gain such as anabolic muscle growth, sexual health and overall vitality.

RSP have put together a strong formula, combining some of the better ingredients for boosting testosterone levels and controlling estrogen activity. The highlights there are the inclusion of D-Aspartic-Acid, DIM and Boron at effective dosages.

With that said, we feel Prime-T at least competes with similar products, although it will not replace Prime Male in our supplement cabinet.

Prime Male is still the best.

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Prime-T Advertised Benefits

It’s a testosterone booster of course, but here are the specifics, more or less, of RSP’s marketing claims:

There are 4 Key Factors:

  • Healthy Serum and Free Testosterone Levels
  • Estrogen Balance and Prostate Health
  • Muscle and Strength Increases
  • Sex Drive and Libido

To support these 4 factors RSP have turned to scientific research to select the appropriate ingredients for Prime-T.

Ingredients are the most important aspect of a testosterone supplement. Without the right ingredients at the right inclusion rates, you are just going to waste your money.

Ingredient Formula

Open Pill Contents SpilledThe following ingredients and their associated inclusion amounts correspond to 4 tablets of Prime-T.

Amount Per Serving

3,000 IU  – Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
20 mg      – Vitamin B3 (as niacinamide)
800 mcg  – Folate (as folic acid)
12 mcg    – Vitamin B12 (As cyanocobalamin)
12 mg      – Zinc (as zinc citrate)
3,200 mg – D-Aspartic Acid
500 mg    – Fenugreek Extract
300 mg    – Maca Extract (root)
250 mg    – 3,3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM)
250 mg    – Safed Musli Extract (as chlorophytum borivillanum)(root)
100 mg    – Boron Citrate (supplying 5% boron)
5 mg        – Bioperine

Usage Guidelines: 4 tablets is the daily dose. They should be taken about an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach.

Our Thoughts on Formula and Dosage

There are some obvious highlights to the Prime-T formula.

D-Aspartic-Acid (D-AA) is a good testosterone optimizer and the dosage is very good. If for some reason you are experiencing lower than normal testosterone levels, or, you are an athlete, gym rat etc. then you will benefit from D-AA at this dose within two weeks of use.

Studies show D-AA not only acts fast but also hard. It may boost sub-optimal levels of testosterone by up to 50% in 14 days.

3,3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM) is good at regulating estrogen levels, helping your system to balance them so that you neither have too much nor too little. It may also act as an anti-aromatase agent within that context. This is because as your testosterone levels increase from supplementation, diet and exercise, more could therefore be converted to estrogen, via aromatase.

Boron Citrate (for boron) is rapidly becoming a prevalent inclusion in testosterone boosters. It’s early days but the research conducted so far looks very promising. It can increase Free testosterone and DHT (a more anabolic compound made from testosterone) and reduce SHBG, the binding hormone that renders testosterone useless. It can do this in small doses as well.

The rest of the formula is fairly standard with Vitamin D, B3, Folate and Zinc providing the vitamin and micronutrient base that every man should have in their daily intake.

Side Effects

Doctor ApprovalThere should be no problems for the average man using Prime-T.

People with pre-existing medical conditions (including anyone taking prescription medication) should check with their doctor before taking this product, or anything similar.

It should also be kept away from pregnant and breastfeeding women. It’s true that some of the ingredients might help lactation but there are other products designed specifically for mothers and they should be recommended by their doctor.

Some of the ingredients are libido enhancing, so it won’t come as a shock if your sexual appetite is heightened.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Prime Male

PRIME MALE – Top T-Booster

Prime-T is a good supplement and RSP is a reputable manufacturer in the sports supplement industry.

It contains some valid ingredients at decent dosages. Beyond that it is in a level playing field with a few other products. There are many many testosterone supplements that are worse than this one.

Prime Male is still our favourite testosterone booster, mostly because we feel its effects more powerfully than anything else we have tried. It could have something to do with the Luteolin or the Red Ginseng.

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