Niacin – Vitamin B3 – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Niacin Vitamin B3Niacin is an active molecule in Vitamin B3. It has some interesting properties when dosed higher than the minimum recommended daily allowance.

Two of these properties concern the effects related to Human Growth Hormone release and Vasodilation – the latter essentially being the widening of the blood vessels and increased traffic of oxygen carrying red blood cells to the muscles.

For the weight lifter / bodybuilder / gym enthusiast, these are very interesting benefits, as they both neatly contribute to the growth of bigger stronger muscles. This happens because:

Vasodilation increases Oxygen and Nutrient transport to the muscles, thereby increasing their energy and force output potential in the gym. This in-turn increases the growth response thereafter

The HGH Boost increases the release of natural growth hormone within hours of leaving the gym, further enhancing muscle growth, recovery and a whole host of other positive effects.

That’s right, there is a long list of health benefits associated with both of these effects. Some of the main ones are:

  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Increased Longevity and Anti-Aging
  • Bone Strength and Health
  • Heightened Cognitive Function
  • Improved Sexual Function

Nearly anything associated with youth, vitality and general wellness can also be bunched into the benefit pool.

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Isn’t It Just a Vitamin Though?

researchNiacin is indeed another word for Vitamin B3; a compound which is found in many different food types.

In fact, we usually get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) from food, unless we have a particularly bad diet.

The difference is that the ergogenic properties (fancy word for performance enhancing), such as the HGH boost and the Vasodilation show themselves when the dose is much higher than the RDA.

Some companies manufacture oral tablet/capsule supplements with over 1000mg of Niacin.

We generally avoid those because (a) much of the useful product is wasted by stomach acids; and (b) there are a few side effects associated with high dosages of sustained release Niacin. It’s taxing on the liver for one thing.

What is required, is a faster acting product which gets to the bloodstream directly. A perfect example of this is NiacinMax from Wolfson Berg Limited.

What About the Niacin Flush?

BloodflowYou would not believe the amount of people who worry when they take Niacin because their skin reddens.

Firstly, this is a completely natural and safe reaction. It’s the effect of the Vasodilation – the widening of the blood vessels near the body’s surface to increase oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles.

There may also be an associated tingling feeling. Some people enjoy it, some aren’t too fond. Either way, it is a sign that the Niacin is working as intended.


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People with medical conditions or those that are taking prescription medication should check with their doctor as to whether they can take niacin.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements that have not been approved by their doctor.

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