LeanMode – from Evlution Nutrition – Stimulant Free Fat Burner Review

Lean Mode BottleLeanMode is the stimulant free fat burner on Evlution Nutrition’s weight management product line.

It is the stim-free option against their stimulant based fat burner TRANS4ORM, which we have reviewed separately (click here to read it).

Generally speaking stim-free fat loss products are designed for people who don’t like the feelings associated with stimulants, nor the crash that can occur afterwards if they are particularly sensitive.

They are also good for people who work out at high intensities and don’t want their heart rate to be increased even further unnecessarily.

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Advertised Benefits

LeanMode is described as having the following benefits:

  • Metabolism Support
  • 5 Modes of Action
  • Appetite Support
  • Stimulant Free
  • Fat Burner
  • Gluten Free

All of the above are pretty routine for most fat burners. The specifics of the “5 Modes of Action” are to do with the ingredients in the formula; five main ingredients with five different ways of exerting their effects.

How Does It Work Without Stimulants?

MetabolismIt might seem like a non-starter for some little capsules to do any serious damage to body fat without at least some form of stimulant to rev you up.

The truth is, some of the better weight loss ingredients are not stimulants. They work in different ways but can still be effective. Here are some examples of those modes of action:

  1. Appetite Suppression
  2. Mood Improvement
  3. Fat Transportation to cell mitochondria
  4. Conversion of Fat for Fuel during exercise
  5. Non-stimulant Thermogenesis

Of course, the key is the formula, the ingredients within it, and the dosages at which they have been included. These are really the only factors to consider where a product’s efficacy is concerned.

Ingredient Formula

The following ingredients and their associated inclusion rates are in 3 capsules of LeanMode:

500mg – Garcinia Cambogia extract (60% HCA)
500mg – Green Coffee Bean extract
500mg – CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
500mg – Acetyl-L-Carnitine
250mg – Green Tea Leaf extract

Green CoffeeIf you’re wondering whether Green Coffee should be included in a stimulant-free formula it can be assumed that it has been decaffeinated, as within most green coffee extracts.

Green Tea leaf is also a point of discussion for us, because it can be stimulatory at times.

So, LeanMode is not completely stim-free if we’re being strict, but it’s as close as possible while containing something of a thermogenic fat burning element.

Our Thoughts on Dosage and Guidelines

The above inclusion rates are for 3 capsules, and 3 caps is the daily serving. Therefore, those are the daily totals.

With that in mind, we’d probably multiply each ingredient’s dose by 3, except for the Green Tea which could be x2.

To be clear: WE ARE NOT advising you to take 3 times the dose. It’s more a case of scientific research studies suggesting that each ingredient is more effective at about the 1500mg per dat mark (with 500mg for green tea).

That said, Evlution Nutrition might have some super extracts which we are not aware of, and we still advise you to FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES on the packaging.

Side Effects

Woman DoctorWe didn’t experience any negative side effects when taking LeanMode.

One of the main reasons for using a stim-free fat burner is basically to eliminate the potential for many of the common side effects associated with fat burners.

Again, however, we reiterate our earlier point that you should follow the usage guidelines on the label.

There are some people who should not use LeanMode, regardless of its stimulant free recipe. Pregnant and nursing women must avoid all supplements which have not been approved by the doctor.

People with medical conditions, or those taking prescribed medication should also avoid products like this unless they have been specifically cleared by their doctor.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Instant Knockout Fist Bottle

You can use LeanMode when you’re not using IKO

As stim-free fat burners go, Lean Mode from Evlution Nutrition is one of the better ones. We’ve seen some howlers though, so that’s not necessarily saying much.

Burning fat is a tricky business with pills. The ingredients really do have to be top notch, and at least some of them have to be included at powerful doses.

LeanMode might be a good support product if you are taking a break from the stimulant-based fat burners for a couple of weeks and still want to take something in the meantime.

Just don’t expect miracles with this one.

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