HyperGH 14x – Pills and Oral Spray for Maximum Muscle Gains

HyperGH 14x pillsThe company that makes HyperGH 14x has gone for an “all guns blazing” approach to presenting their product. Their arsenal of supplement packages includes both a course of pills and an oral spray.

Also, the product’s website is positively oozing information on medical and scientific research – there’s a no-limits Q&A section, a descriptive ingredient list and much more to help the prospective customer – that is you – make an informed decision when purchasing what they have on offer, which they say is:

arguably the most sophisticated growth hormone releasing system available to bodybuilders today.

Okay, that’s a statement and then some, but they make every effort to back it.  We are really pleased to see them answering questions on their own supplement; and they are the sorts of questions that would cause a lot if not most companies to run for the hills.

Subjects such as the safety, legality, affordability and efficacy of these products are dealt with in much more detail by the HyperGH 14x team than we are used to seeing. Infer from that what you wish but when you consider that this is a product that you actually ingest – the more details and reassurances, the better.

HGH pills from HyperGH 14xLet’s explore a little further…

HyperGH 14x is available directly from the company website which you can access by clicking the link below. They have agents waiting to take your call should you have any questions.

Special offers are currently running on the website.

Click here to go straight to the HyperGH 14x supplement site


What is HyperGH 14x?

If you have read our other reviews or articles then you will know that it is important to maintain a healthy level of natural Human Growth Hormone within our bodies. HGH is one of the major factors influencing our ability to grow lean muscle, profit from a healthier and denser bone structure, burn unwanted fat and generally stay in good health. The only problem: our natural levels of HGH take a rather steep nose-dive after we have stopped growing to our adult height.

HyperGH musclesHyperGH 14x is a natural supplement which aims to stimulate and increase your body’s natural release of HGH via potent natural ingredients. All said ingredients are known to be direct and indirect pre-cursors of the Human Growth Hormone. In creating their formulation for this, they have unveiled a two-pronged attack, if you will, consisting of pills to be taken at two crucial points in the day AND an oral spray to augment the system even further.

So to answer the question succinctly: HyperGH 14x is a dual-format HGH boosting supplement which provides a safe, natural and affordable alternative to synthetic HGH injections.

What are the Benefits of taking HyperGH 14x?

Maximum results are expected from daily supplementation in pill and oral spray form. Here are just a few of the benefits the company promises you are going to enjoy:

  • Pack on pounds of lean, solid muscle
  • Melt surplus body fat to highlight muscle contours
  • Increased energy for more intense workouts
  • Achieve better results faster from your existing routine
  • Bounce back to 100% quicker with HGH boosted recovery times
  • Increased libido

How does it actually work?

The link between increased HGH levels and muscle gains is well documented in scientific literature. Boosting your own natural levels of this hormone will help your body simulate a growth environment more similar to that of a youth. This means that your muscles will react to strength, resistance, endurance and cardio exercise like they did in your prime. And if you are still in your prime, well then pack your bags for the stratosphere because one-a-day workouts are going to start to hold you back!

This supplement works for you in three important ways:

1. HyperGH 14x incorporates a twice-daily dosage of pills packed with 15 of the best known ingredients working synergistically to encourage your pituitary gland to release greater levels of HGH. Some of the ingredients like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and Gamma-Amnobutyric Acid (GABA) interact directly with the gland while others help indirectly by boosting metabolism, insulin sensitivity and energy levels.
2. The capsules also have an enteric absorption system. This is particularly attractive to potential customers because enteric coatings help the capsules make it all the way to the alkaline environment of the small intestine. This prevents the acidity of the stomach getting to the valuable ingredients and wasting them. This system costs a little more for the companies to adopt but it’s a very thoughtful inclusion.
3. The oral spray, most notably containing Alpha-GPC amongst other ingredients is another twice-daily dose of HGH boosting cocktail. The benefits of including Alpha-GPC doesn’t stop there. It is a precursor to neurotransmitter acetylcholine which literally improves your brain’s control of muscles giving you faster reactions, stronger workouts and a tightly focused mind-muscle connection throughout your reps and sets. All of this gives you higher performance outputs and bigger gains.

 Click here to be taken to the HyperGH 14x website

Are there any side effects or negatives I should know about?

GH Booster musclesTaking the recommended high doses of HyperGH 14x may seem like a lot but it will be safe. Remember, every ingredient is designed to stimulate your own pituitary gland to release HGH. This is not a foreign source of synthetic HGH injections which are hugely costly and potentially dangerous.

This supplement uses your body’s natural HGH release mechanism to its advantage. With the combination of your glands releasing it and your hypothalamus regulating it safely, you can put your mind to your explosive workouts and only pause your day for the second or two it takes to have the recommended dosage. No side effects have been reported by existing customers.

HyperGH 14x doesn’t have the specialized day/night formula of GH Advanced+ which is designed to enhance the compatibility of ingredients that may compete for the same receptor sites in the body. If that is of interest to you (it certainly was to us) then go and check that product review out.

On the flip side, the oral spray that HyperGH 14x puts out there together with the enteric coating on the capsules make up for any possible negatives. What’s more is the price point is actually very competitive compared to other supplements in the same field.

How do I get the best from this product?

Don’t spend this money and then sit on the couch watching TV. Whatever you do, be active. Sedentary (non-exercising) people showed and increase in muscle mass, bone density and libido during studies using human growth hormone, but to get the most out of these products we strongly recommend a strength and resistance training program at the gym and a healthy eating plan.

If you are already crunching sets at the gym then you’ll probably find your current sessions will become easier as well as your muscle gains improving. That’s the hoped-for double-whammy effect where you can push more and see more results. The two together are a recipe for success in your goals.

Is it recommended?

The company that makes HyperGH 14x claims some people have experienced positive results within a week but they stand by the more modest expectation that 6 months of consistent usage will show you extremely good results. What they are saying quite sensibly here is that you should not admit defeat if you don’t have a washboard stomach in a week. Stick to your guns and keep at it.

With that said, we recommend HyperGH 14x to be used in that fashion. Like the dedication you put in at the gym, results will come with persistence…only with this GH booster in your armoury, they will just be better.

Where can I purchase HyperGH 14x?

HyperGH 14x guaranteed HGH boosterThree packages are available from the company website and all include the capsules to be taken day and night and the bottle of spray. They also bolt on a 60 day 100% money back guarantee no matter how many boxes you buy meaning you can take advantage of the multiple order discounts and return the unopened boxes with the original two open ones for a refund. They are pretty confident you won’t have to do that though. And so are we.

Shipping is to most countries including Australia, United States, Canada and the UK

Click here to go directly to the HyperGH 14x website and view special offers now


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