Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack – Tested – Reviewed – Legal – Safe Steroids

Crazybulk GH StackThe Growth Hormone Stack is one of Crazybulk’s newer stack packages. It’s slightly larger than their standard stacks which are usually 4 bottles, as is the case with the Bulking and the Cutting stacks.

For the Growth Hormone stack the package is centred around their HGH-X2 product, and is supported by 4 other Crazybulk legal steroids.

The Crazybulk Growth Hormone stack includes the following products:

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  • HGH-X2
  • D-Bal
  • Clenbutrol
  • Decaduro
  • Testo Max

DB pressIf you know something about Crazybulk Legal Steroids already then you can infer some information about what the potential benefits of the Growth Hormone stack are.

This stack is a mass builder first and foremost with an element of muscle definition to it. It’s arguably the best choice for someone who is unsure whether to go full Bulking cycle, hardcore Cutting cycle or all out Strength cycle.

Basically, it’s a great one for building some pre-Summer mass but keeps the fat under control. With HGH there is also a therapeutic benefit; it is excellent for repairing any muscle, tendon, ligament and joint damage. Decaduro is also good for repair as well as being a mass building legal steroid.

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Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack Benefits

Gym Muscle ManThe three major benefits from the Crazybulk GH stack are as follows:

  1. Increased Muscle Mass
  2. Sharpened Muscle Definition (sub-cutaneous fat-burning)
  3. Quicker Muscle, Joint, Tendon, Ligament repair

Of course, there are other benefits to the Crazybulk Growth stack as there is with any of their legal steroids, i.e.:

  • Elevated Energy levels
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Heightened Libido
  • Improved Sexual Health

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what the right stack for you is, especially considering the number of them and how influential to your end results the type of resistance training you do is.

Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack Individual Legal Steroids

We’ll look at HGH-X2 first because it’s the star of the stack but the rest have been listed in no particular order.

Crazybulk HGH-X2

Crazybulk HGHX2Crazybulk’s legal Human Growth Hormone product is formulated with the same benefits in mind as synthetic HGH but with a safe profile and zero injections required.

Human Growth Hormone is often used for therapeutic application during and off-season recuperative mass building cycle. That is to say that it can help regain the strength in the parts of the bodies that take the most battering during a season of hard lifting, such as joints, tendons and ligaments.

This is due to its primary function which is to speed up the growth process of muscle and bone tissue.

Therefore, it’s great for piling on mass and recovering quickly from both training wear/tear and injury. Read about CrazyBulk HGH X2 here

Crazybulk D-Bal

Crazybulk D-BalD-Bal has been the company’s best-selling legal steroid for years. It’s based on Dianabol (methandrostenolone) of course, or DBol as it is almost universally known. DBol was the first oral steroid to be synthesized and has been a stalwart of chemically enhanced bodybuilding for over five decades.

The only problem with Dianabol is that it happens to be illegal almost everywhere and unsafe to use. It is so toxic to the liver that it cannot be used for more than a few weeks.

Crazybulk D-Bal is completely safe, having no side effects to the liver and none of the other negative effects either.

D-Bal is 100% natural and is a perfect accompaniment to HGHX2 because it will boost muscle density, strength and explosive power…not to mention bulk.

Crazybulk Clenbutrol

Legal ClenClenbutrol is the cutting element of the Crazybulk Growth Hormone stack. It follows closely in the steps of Clenbuterol (note the second ‘e’) in that it contains a similar compound known as a sympathomimetic amine.

Clen has been called a steroid forever but it’s actually an amine, as mentioned above. It’s confused with steroids because it (a) has been used in conjunction with steroid cutting cycles; (b) has a mildly anabolic effect; (c) and is illegal nearly everywhere.

Crazybulk Clenbutrol is the legal version, mostly because it uses a safer compound than the original used called Clenbuterol Hydrochloride. Actually, Crazybulk Clen is even safer than ephedrine.

Legal and safe. The cutter of the stack is in.

Crazybulk Decaduro

Legal DecaDeca Durabolin is a favourite amongst steroid users for its off-season therapeutic muscle bulking effects. It heals, strengthens and grows. The major problem with the synthetic steroid is that it can suppress natural testosterone production.

Not so with Crazybulk Decaduro. The all natural alternative compounds can boost muscle growth and repair aching joints and connective tissue but does not damage your Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis. That’s a fancy way of saying that Crazybulk Decaduro does not stop your brain and balls making testosterone.

A symbiotic partnership with HGHX2 means Decaduro absolutely had to be in this stack.

Crazybulk Testo Max

Crazybulk Testo MaxTestosterone was the first anabolic androgenic steroid to be synthesized in a lab instead of the human body. It is the steroid family patriarch, and contains many of the ingredients for being a man.

So vital to your health is testosterone that if it drops below normal levels our bodies begin to fall apart, literally. Testosterone is a multi-tasking mother of a steroid hormone, and when it’s in the green, you are optimized for maximum muscle and bone growth, sexual health and vitality, mental and emotional clarity and energy for days.

The thing is, all this training and personal best beating can eat your testosterone faster than you can otherwise replenish it. Anabolic steroid users inject testosterone to keep the side effects of having too little at bay. They have an additional problem though; those other steroids are suppressing the production of their own natural endogenous testosterone. And regardless of how many other synthetic steroid hormones you have kicking around your body, if you haven’t got testosterone in the mix you will get sick.

Crazybulk Testo Max is a natural testosterone formula. You don’t need it to mitigate the side effects of the other Crazybulk Legal Steroids in the stack because there are no side effects. No, Testo Max helps you create the additional testosterone that you have the potential to make, which can fuel your exercise and trigger more muscle and bone growth in response.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack?

Crazybulk GynectrolWe experienced no negative side effects from using any of the Crazybulk product line. Some people may find their body is not used to some of the processes that the inclusions trigger but they will not be lasting feelings and they are not serious side effects.

Of course if you do feel concerned after you have taken some then simply stop. For people who are particularly sensitive to the increase in testosterone, they may experience some mild side effects if they have a history of male pattern baldness for example.

This is in no way irreversible though and Crazybulk even offer two products which can nullify any mild side effects you can get. They are:

  • Crazybulk PCT
  • Crazybulk Gynectrol

It’s worthwhile noting that these two therapeutic products are not necessary unless you are already experiencing some side effects and even then they are only necessary if you are on a heavy cycle.

The best thing to do is see how you go. The beauty of Crazybulk products is that none of the side effects can be serious, unlike synthetic anabolic steroid side effects.

There are also certain people who should never use a legal steroid, like pregnant and breastfeeding women and kids under 18. Elderly people should check with their doctor.

Anyone using prescription medication and/or anyone with a medical condition should also consult their doctor before trying any kind of product like this.

As we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of people will feel nothing but the benefits from Crazybulk products.

Are Crazybulk Products Legal Everywhere?

Online ShoppingThankfully, you don’t have to worry about this because the company has taken the responsibility away from you.

Basically, if you can purchase the product from the official website and it can be delivered to your address, it is legal.

This means that when you select UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, USA etc. from the drop-down menu and then the currency, you will be purchasing legally. It’s really really simple.

The reason Crazybulk is legal almost everywhere is because they use legal inclusions in their products. And legality, we have discovered, is largely linked to safety. However not all legal products are safe to consume of course, but Crazybulk have taken care of that aspect and you can enjoy the benefits, knowing you have broken no rules and are risking nothing.

There are hundreds of thousands of Crazybulk and there have been no problems in this area at all.

Purchasing and Shipping Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack

Purchasing is made via the Crazybulk official website. If you find their products anywhere else, it is probably counterfeit.

If you live in the UK or USA then your order will be Shipped for Free no matter how much you buy. That’s because Crazybulk have warehouses in those countries. Not to worry though because all other countries avail of cheap flat-rate shipping – again irrespective of the quantity you purchase.

There is an exception for stacks…


You can select different languages and currency and you only have to buy what you want – there is NO such thing as an auto-billing scheme in Crazybulk’s world. You get what you want and when you want it – that is all.

Shipping is fast, and there are currently some discounted deals on the actual packages, including:

  • Every 3rd Item FREE (including stacks)
  • Over 20% Off when you buy the stacks over the individual products
  • FREE Worldwide Delivery on Stacks

Conclusions and Recommendations

The Crazybulk Growth Hormone stack (link at bottom of page) is a great way of getting 5 of the best legal steroids from the company for a discounted rate.

A major reason in favour of getting the Growth Hormone stack over any of the others is that it covers nearly all the bases in one stack.

If you have a specific goal in mind, such as getting massive or shredded then there are Crazybulk stacks for that purpose. If however you are a gym rat and want to be massive and defined, then the Growth Hormone stack will probably fit your training.

Crazybulk Ultimate Stack

Crazybulk’s Ultimate Stack is huge

Remember there is only one stack bigger than the Growth Hormone stack and that is the Crazybulk Ultimate Stack – a 6 bottle monster.

It’s down to you ultimately, but we had a great time on the Crazybulk Growth Hormone stack.

Finally if you are training heavily, and could do with the additional therapeutic element, the Growth Hormone stack is the one for you.

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Black Lion Testosterone Booster – Fat Burner – Detailed Review

Black Lion CapsulesBlack Lion is a capsule supplement with the tagline “Complete Male Optimization”. The products is described as a thermogenic testosterone booster, which essentially means it is supposed to burn fat as well as increasing your testosterone levels.

The description goes on to call it a “natural brain supplement and estrogen blocker” as well. It really is attempting to be the complete male solution.

The company – Raw Synergies – sell Black Lion on Amazon where it costs about $60 (£45) for a month’s worth of capsules.

What is sold on Amazon and what is shown on the RS website, however, have 2 different formulas displayed. We shall review the recipe posted on the company website because we trust Amazon resellers about as far as we can throw them.

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Black Lion – Advertised Benefits

This supplement is designed to be a kind of all-in-one for men. It has the following benefits, according to the manufacturer:

  • Burns Fat
  • Boosts Testosterone levels
  • Boosts Energy levels
  • Improves Cognitive Function
  • Increases Muscle Gains from Training
  • Heightens Libido
  • Provides Anti-Aging effects

That is a lot of stuff for a couple little pills to accomplish. The recipe has got to be on point for all of those effects to be noticeable.

Of course, a few of the ingredients are doing more than one thing. Thermogenic fat burning ingredients are also energy boosters, and some of the testosterone boosters are actually just libido enhancers.

Raw Synergies make a point of saying they don’t do proprietary blends and they include effective dosages. Let’s see what they have.


Black Lion IngredientsThe following ingredients and inclusion rates are in 2 capsules of Black Lion:

Fenugreek [500mg]: an ingredient that has been around a long time in similar products. It has been hailed as a testosterone booster for many years. And while some studies say it can do this, the results are inconclusive. One effect is that it reduces some testosterone from being converted to DHT. For muscle builders this might actually be counterproductive since DHT is more powerful an anabolic muscle builder than testosterone.

Ashwagandha [300mg]: neuroprotective and enhances libido and virility. It’s even good for anxiety according to research. Not very effective for testosterone boosting, but a great ingredient nonetheless.

Citicoline [150mg]: a nootropic or cognitive function enhancer. Provides an acetycholine boosting effect, which is a major neurotransmitter. This in turn can have multiple benefits from improved mental energy, working memory, and even speed or force of muscle contraction.

Forslean [125mg]: one of the few ingredients that can burn fat while also boosting cholesterol. It’s probably the main player in the formula and the dose is sound.

Caffeine [100mg]: an old favourite in fat burners. It is thermogenic (via cAMP elevation which Forskolin also does). If it makes it to the testicles it can even boost testosterone a little.

Longjack [100mg]: perhaps more famous as Tongkat Ali has reliable evidence that it can boost libido. It has some research in favour of anti-estrogen effects, but not necessarily testosterone boosting.

3,3’-Diindolylmethane [100mg]: testosterone converts to estrogen eventually, or at least some of it does. This awesome molecule that comes from broccoli can block some of that conversion by inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme that mediates it.

Theacrine [50mg]: similar to caffeine and its effects but theacrine might have almost no tolerance ceiling which means your body won’t start to get used to it and it won’t become useless after habitual use like caffeine does.

Side Effects

Doctor ApprovalMen with no health issues or allergies to the ingredients will be fine. If you are sensitive to caffeine or any of the other inclusions then avoid it.

The guidelines tell you to take it slow and try one pill for the first few days. Follow the advice on the packaging.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not go anywhere near Black Lion. Neither should kids or elderly people.

Find out from your doctor if you can take it if you have a medical condition and/or are taking prescribed or off-label medication.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Prime Male Testosterone BoosterRaw Synergies are correct when they say that they don’t use pathetic dosages. The doses are way better than 90% of the supplements we test.

The downside is that there won’t be much testosterone boosting here. It’s an okay all-round supplement and has some great inclusions, but your free testosterone levels won’t go much higher than they are. Same goes for fat burning.

The positives: your libido/sex drive will probably increase, your cognitive function also. There will be some fat burning and testosterone boosting but the major advantage to Black Lion is its ability to block estrogen. That in itself might be of use to a lot of guys.
If you want to find out which testosterone booster is the highest rated, follow the link below and read the quick article.

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Test Freak – PharmaFREAK – Does It Pass the Test?

Test Freak Overview

Test Freak ReviewTest Freak is Testosterone Support supplement manufactured by PharmaFreak, who say that it can promote muscle growth and strength.

Its formula is housed in “hybrid capsules” and contains 3 “proprietary complexes” which themselves contain the active ingredients. The label states the total quantity of each ‘proprietary complex” but not the quantities of the individual ingredients.

We found Test Freak to be somewhat lacking in actual testosterone boosting substance. There are some common enough ingredients found in most test boosters (e.g. tribulus, fenugreek, saw palmetto etc.) but they have only really been shown to increase sex drive and possibly sexual health.

Then there are the lesser known ingredients (apigenin and hesperidin) which need more scientific studies before we know what dosage is okay to use.

All in all, the zinc at 30mg might be the most useful ingredient in the whole formula.

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Test Freak – Advertised Benefits

Testosterone on WallPharma Freak, the company that makes the product, say that it has some unique advantages over other products in the same category:

  • Clinically Researched Ingredients
  • 1100mg of Fenugreek per serving
  • 1000mg of Tribulus Terrestris per serving
  • Dose of Zinc is clinically researched
  • Contains Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle
  • Contains Hesperidin, Resveratrol and Apigenin

So…not much uniqueness there, to be honest. Maybe the last point, we don’t see hesperidin, apigenin and resveratrol in many testosterone supplements, but that’s mostly because they haven’t been researched much for impact on testosterone levels.

Why do they call them Hybrid Capsules? – because they contain vitamins and minerals, which apparently makes them “hybrid”. Yeah – sounds fancy…but isn’t.


As mentioned earlier, the ingredients are included in 3 “Proprietary Complexes”. Their total weight is on the label but not the weight of the individual ingredients they are made up of.

The following formula and quantities are in a serving size of 4 capsules. That is also the total daily serving.

Proprietary Complex 1 – [2.1g]

  • Trigotest (™) Fenugreek
  • Tribulus Terrestris Fruit

Proprietary Complex 2 – [280mg]

  • Saw Plametto Extract
  • Stinging Nettle

Proprietary Complex 3 – [150mg]

  • Hesperidin
  • Apigenin
  • Resveratrol

Note: there is also:

  • Zinc – [30mg]
  • Vitamin B6 – [10.5mg]
  • Magnesium – [90mg]

Trigotest is Fenugreek, which is the main ingredient of Test Freak alongside Tribulus Terrestris. It should be noted here that neither of these ingredients are effective at boosting testosterone levels, and probably shouldn’t be the cornerstone of a testosterone booster.

Tribulus Terrestris shows promise in rat and test tube studies but only increases libido in humans.

Fenugreek technically boosts testosterone but it inhibits DHT which is actually more powerful than testosterone (and the cause of potential issues ranging from baldness to prostate cancer risk). So it might be better for health, which we definitely support, but it is possibly more limiting for muscle building than simply not taking it.

Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle have similar stories. Both being less potent for testosterone than initial studies suggested.

Ironically, the Zinc in this formula is likely its most effective ingredient for optimizing T levels.

Side Effects

DoctorAverage men with no health issues should be fine taking Test Freak. We advise women, especial pregnant and breastfeeding women, to avoid it. People under 18 years old should not take it either.

If you have a medical condition or are currently taking prescription medication please consult your doctor before using a product like this.

There are 4 pills per serving so in order to assess your tolerance, you could take 2, or even 1 the first time.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Prime Male product review

Hit It to read more

Pharma Freak are a big name in sports nutrition, so they probably sell a lot of Test Freak. Unfortunately, for the customers, it won’t do much for them.

Ingredients are everything, and the dosages are just as important.

Test Freak is marketed quite heavily on having the strongest inclusions of Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris, but as studied as they have been, they are yet to show much in the way of testosterone boosting in human subjects.

Suffice to say, we believe there are better products for anyone looking to boost testosterone for muscle building and/or health reasons.

Follow the link below to view the product we rate the highest

The Gear – Max’s Lab Series – Testosterone Supplement Review

The Gear from Max'sThe Gear is a testosterone booster made in Australia buy Max’s, intended for the bodybuilding community as a muscle building supplement.

The formula in The Gear’s capsules contains both a “Testosterone Boosting Blend” and an “Estrogen Suppressing Blend”.

From a biochemical perspective, once you raise the levels of circulating free testosterone, you are also introducing extra estrogen by proxy, given that testosterone converts to a form of estrogen down the chain.

For this reason, supplement companies often add estrogen blockers with their testosterone boosters, because while some estrogen is good (for men), it is counterproductive to have levels above the norm. This can cause unwanted side effects like gynecomastia (man-boobs), and excess water retention.

This is a very interesting product, and if you can get your hands on it then we’d advise you give it a go (please read this whole review first though). It’s true that there is some essentially experimental ingredients in there that have not been extensively studied with humans, but the trade-off is that you might be getting a muscle supplement that has those rare effects like, let’s see, muscle growth.

The best Testosterone booster is arguably Prime Male, which you can find a review of if you follow the link below.

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The Gear – Advertised Benefits

Max’s Lab Series site described The Gear as an “advanced High Potency Testosterone stimulating formula” which has been designed to:

  • Maximize Free Testosterone Levels
  • Spike and Maintain Free Testosterone
  • Support Maximum Protein Synthesis
  • Support Rapid Recovery after “serious” weight training

They go on to mention that it can:

  • Suppress Estrogen
  • Optimize Size and Strength gains
  • Increase Libido

Of course a company is going to wax lyrical about their product but there are 3 main benefits that you can pull out of the jargon:

  1. Boost Testosterone
  2. Increase Protein Synthesis (for muscle growth and repair)
  3. Heighten Libido

That’s all we ever want from our testosterone boosters, but it’s down to the ingredients as to whether The Gear can achieve any of it.

The Gear Ingredient Formula

The formula has 2 sides to it: (1) Testosterone boosting and (2) Estrogen suppressing.

Ingredients detailed below are in 3 capsules of The Gear, which is one serving. You get 40 servings per bottle, and the maximum recommended is 2 separate servings per day (total = 6 caps).

Testosterone Boosting Blend

900mg – Tribulus Terrestris
250mg – Bulbine Natalensis
250mg – Fadogia Agrestis powder
250mg – Epimedium (icariin / horny goat weed)

Estrogen Suppression Blend

150mg – Diindolylmethane
150mg – Maca Root
150mg – White Mushroom extract
150mg – Trans Resveratrol

Thoughts on the Formula

Scientist and MicroscopeFirst off, this is the most exciting product we’ve seen in the muscle building category for a long time. The ingredients chosen aren’t all the same old sh-t we keep seeing time and time again.

Fair enough, there’s Tribulus – its libido enhancing power is well documented but as a T-booster it’s lacking.

Maca is a regular in these products, and may or may not do anything at these dosages, whether to testosterone, growth hormone or estrogen levels.

Bulbine natalensis is becoming more popular, but it needs more research on humans to get a more reliable dose (and to prove if it has much effect on us).

The Gear gets interesting at Fadogia Agrestis, Diindolylmethane, White Mushroom and Resveratrol.

Fadogia looks like a potent testosterone booster but so far it’s young in research terms. Rats show both strong libido and testosterone enhancement.

Diidolylmethane is effective at reducing the aromatization to estrogen process.

White Mushroom Extract is essentially an ecdysteroid. Now, ecdysteroids were once claimed to be safe, legal steroids and have steroid equivalent effects, but that has since been thrown out. However, while they aren’t androgenic, they do enhance protein synthesis, which is really what we want out of them anyway.

Resveratrol can improve insulin sensitivity at mild doses, which is an excellent pathway to improved energy metabolism, fat loss and muscle gain.

The Gear Side Effects

Here’s the slightly unknown area of some of these ingredients. Many of them haven’t been tested on humans to the extent that we even know an optimal dose, let alone the dose that we shouldn’t be taking.

Certainly, people who have a medical condition or that are taking medication should ask their doctor.

Children, elderly people, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take it.

Anyone unsure should ask their doctor, but in our experience a regular doctor isn’t going to know either. They aren’t herbal plant experts, after all.

This – in all honesty – might have to be a punt. Some dudes are up for that, others aren’t.

Follow the guidelines on the bottle, but we’d advise starting with single pills and then 2 pills etc. etc. to see how you tolerate it all. And stay hydrated.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Prime Male top T boosterYou might be getting mixed signals from the review above. We are saying on one hand that a good portion of the ingredients are just sex enhancers. On the same hand we’re saying we don’t really know much about the other ingredients or what their side effects might be.

On the other hand, we’re saying it’s a very exciting supplement. It is, because the initial research on some of this stuff is really promising. And then there’s the fact that ecdysteroids which are basically insect hormones (that oddly we have receptors for) are in some way anabolic when once they were laughed about on forums.

But it might be a lame duck, as well.

If you want a sure thing, and arguably the best Testosterone Booster available, follow the link below to learn more…

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Xellerate Testosterone Booster – Our Review and Conclusions


Testosterone Booster Xellerate BottleTestosterone Booster from Xellerate Nutrition is a dietary capsule supplement marketed as, you’ve guessed it, a testosterone booster.

In fact, not so much of a booster, the company says, as a product which may contribute to normal testosterone levels, reduction in fatigue, and normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Xellerate Nutrition is a UK based company that produces a range of supplements, that are sold mostly on third party websites, the largest of which is Amazon.

They provide all of the formula’s details on the label, so there is no guesswork for the customer. The design and concept are simple. Even the name is simple.

Xellerate Nutrition’s Testosterone Booster was intriguing to us because it has at least got good doses of the ingredients it has.

It is more of a libido/sexual enhancement supplement than an all-out testosterone booster, but still worth a shot.

As for our highest recommendation; check out Prime Male by following the link below. You’ll see what we mean. Prime Male is the absolute best.

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Xellerate Nutrition – Testosterone Booster – Advertised Benefits

Testosterone on WallSomething called Testosterone Booster is clearly designed to do one thing, although the benefits of optimum testosterone levels are often many.

Therefore the primary advertised benefit is of course:

  • Help Restore Testosterone Levels to Normal

…but the main points Xellerate continue with are:

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Normal Energy-Yielding Metabolism

Normal Testosterone levels are very achievable with a good diet, regular exercise and the addition of some carefully chosen supplements. On that we can agree with Xellerate.

A man (or woman, for that matter) who is suffering from low testosterone levels, or even the associated syndrome, will benefit massively from the restoration of optimal levels.

Testosterone is involved with so many functions of the body that it could be considered a personal health crisis if your levels drop, which of course they only go and do naturally when you get older.

Muscle mass, fat burning, energy levels, mood, emotional health and cognitive function, skin health, sexual health…and so on.

So, yeah…a good supplement can do wonders.

It all comes down to the ingredients and dosages though, and that’s what we’ll cover next.

Ingredients in Xellerate Testosterone Booster

Xellerate Testosterone LabelThe following ingredients and their dosages are in 2 capsules, which is also the daily serving. Therefore, the below is the daily total (the direction say you can take 4 capsules per day if needed):

  • 500 mcg – VitaminA
  • 4 mcg – Vitamin D
  • 50 mcg – Vitamin K
  • 4 mg – Vitamin B6
  • 200 mcg – Folic Acid
  • 2 mcg – Vitamin B12
  • 12.5 mg – Pantothenic Acid
  • 190 mg – Magnesium
  • 12.5 mg – Zinc
  1. 820 mg – D-Aspartic Acid
  2. 2000 mg – Maca Root
  3. 155mg – Fennel Seed
  4. 20 mg – Co Enzyme Q10

The majority of the formula above is essentially a multivitamin. To ensure that you are not deficient in the absolute necessaries to retain a normal level of testosterone, those Vitamins, Minerals and Micro-nutrients are a good inclusion.

The 4 ingredients below that are what we can term the more ‘supplement’ type inclusions.

D-Aspartic Acid – this is almost a must in testosterone boosters now. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels by almost 50% in as little as 2 weeks. The 2 capsule dose is weak here but if you take 4 per day then it is not bad.

Maca Root – maca is more of a sexual libido enhancer than a testosterone booster. While it improves erections, sexual desire and so on, it does not increase testosterone. However, the dose is definitely good for the libido side of things.

Fennel – a bit of mystery is fennel. It is in many male enhancement supplements but there is no reason for it to be from a scientific standpoint.

Co Enzyme Q10 – another libido, sperm and erection enhancer. There is a possible boost to testosterone but it’s mild and so far only shown in infertile men. It is however a general health and well-being booster.

Side Effects

Doctor ApprovalThere should be no problem for average people, or people with low levels of testosterone. If anything, the fast acting D-Aspartic Acid will help you feel better in the first couple of weeks.

Ask your doctor about whether you should use it if you are suffering from any medical conditions, or are taking prescription medication. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements like this of course.

Follow the guidelines on the packaging for the correct daily dose, and we advise that you start on the 2 capsule daily serving for at least the first week before increasing to the 4 capsule per day.

Note that the 4 capsule daily amount should be split into two separate servings of 2 pills.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Prime Male

PRIME MALE is the best of the best

Xellerate Nutrition have done a decent job with their Testosterone Booster, however it is more of a libido booster than a true testosterone booster. This means that it may feel a little like you are ‘boosted’ but it’s probably more of a sexual energy.

As for its testosterone increasing abilities, it may help normalize your T levels, if you have a low testosterone problem. Which, if we’re honest, is all they are claiming it will do.

If you want the more powerful juice, then follow the link below to read about the product we currently rate the highest.

Click here to read about it

Prime-T – RSP Nutrition – Testosterone Support Supplement – Review


Prime T RSP Nutrition Prime-T is a “scientifically formulated testosterone support” supplement according to the manufacturer, RSP Nutrition.

It’s main benefit is to naturally support serum and free testosterone levels. The ‘free testosterone’ part being the main draw for most customers.

Free testosterone is the stuff floating around, ready to be used for positive gain such as anabolic muscle growth, sexual health and overall vitality.

RSP have put together a strong formula, combining some of the better ingredients for boosting testosterone levels and controlling estrogen activity. The highlights there are the inclusion of D-Aspartic-Acid, DIM and Boron at effective dosages.

With that said, we feel Prime-T at least competes with similar products, although it will not replace Prime Male in our supplement cabinet.

Prime Male is still the best.

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Prime-T Advertised Benefits

It’s a testosterone booster of course, but here are the specifics, more or less, of RSP’s marketing claims:

There are 4 Key Factors:

  • Healthy Serum and Free Testosterone Levels
  • Estrogen Balance and Prostate Health
  • Muscle and Strength Increases
  • Sex Drive and Libido

To support these 4 factors RSP have turned to scientific research to select the appropriate ingredients for Prime-T.

Ingredients are the most important aspect of a testosterone supplement. Without the right ingredients at the right inclusion rates, you are just going to waste your money.

Ingredient Formula

Open Pill Contents SpilledThe following ingredients and their associated inclusion amounts correspond to 4 tablets of Prime-T.

Amount Per Serving

3,000 IU  – Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
20 mg      – Vitamin B3 (as niacinamide)
800 mcg  – Folate (as folic acid)
12 mcg    – Vitamin B12 (As cyanocobalamin)
12 mg      – Zinc (as zinc citrate)
3,200 mg – D-Aspartic Acid
500 mg    – Fenugreek Extract
300 mg    – Maca Extract (root)
250 mg    – 3,3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM)
250 mg    – Safed Musli Extract (as chlorophytum borivillanum)(root)
100 mg    – Boron Citrate (supplying 5% boron)
5 mg        – Bioperine

Usage Guidelines: 4 tablets is the daily dose. They should be taken about an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach.

Our Thoughts on Formula and Dosage

There are some obvious highlights to the Prime-T formula.

D-Aspartic-Acid (D-AA) is a good testosterone optimizer and the dosage is very good. If for some reason you are experiencing lower than normal testosterone levels, or, you are an athlete, gym rat etc. then you will benefit from D-AA at this dose within two weeks of use.

Studies show D-AA not only acts fast but also hard. It may boost sub-optimal levels of testosterone by up to 50% in 14 days.

3,3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM) is good at regulating estrogen levels, helping your system to balance them so that you neither have too much nor too little. It may also act as an anti-aromatase agent within that context. This is because as your testosterone levels increase from supplementation, diet and exercise, more could therefore be converted to estrogen, via aromatase.

Boron Citrate (for boron) is rapidly becoming a prevalent inclusion in testosterone boosters. It’s early days but the research conducted so far looks very promising. It can increase Free testosterone and DHT (a more anabolic compound made from testosterone) and reduce SHBG, the binding hormone that renders testosterone useless. It can do this in small doses as well.

The rest of the formula is fairly standard with Vitamin D, B3, Folate and Zinc providing the vitamin and micronutrient base that every man should have in their daily intake.

Side Effects

Doctor ApprovalThere should be no problems for the average man using Prime-T.

People with pre-existing medical conditions (including anyone taking prescription medication) should check with their doctor before taking this product, or anything similar.

It should also be kept away from pregnant and breastfeeding women. It’s true that some of the ingredients might help lactation but there are other products designed specifically for mothers and they should be recommended by their doctor.

Some of the ingredients are libido enhancing, so it won’t come as a shock if your sexual appetite is heightened.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Prime Male

PRIME MALE – Top T-Booster

Prime-T is a good supplement and RSP is a reputable manufacturer in the sports supplement industry.

It contains some valid ingredients at decent dosages. Beyond that it is in a level playing field with a few other products. There are many many testosterone supplements that are worse than this one.

Prime Male is still our favourite testosterone booster, mostly because we feel its effects more powerfully than anything else we have tried. It could have something to do with the Luteolin or the Red Ginseng.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Prime Male

Marine Muscle – GUNNER – USA Only Anabolic Pills – Steroid Alternative

Marine Muscle Gunner AnabolicGUNNER is an oral anabolic, designed, manufactured, and sold by Marine Muscle in the United States.

Marine Muscle products are exclusive to the US due to the restrictions most other countries have on some of the ingredients they use.

The ingredients themselves are safe when taken at the directed dosages, but because they share many physical and beneficial characteristics of steroids, they aren’t allowed to leave America.

Interesting, considering the stuff some countries do allow through customs.

Anyway, this is a review, not a lesson in international drug law. Suffice it to say, Gunner is safe and free of side effects…and legal in the US.

Anabolic Steroid Precursor

Marine Muscle Gunner ResultsGunner contains a pre-cursor to Boldenone.

Boldenone Undecylenate, aka – Equipoise – is one of the most sought after anabolic steroids on the black market.

While Equipoise is a synthetic steroid, Gunner is a safe natural compound and may increase testosterone levels and exert health benefits above and beyond muscle growth and sex drive. Prostate health being one of them.

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What Are The Benefits of Gunner?

Gunner is found in the Bulking and Strength categories within the Marine Muscle product line.

From the compounds involved, It appears to be formulated to enhance the following processes:

  • Protein Synthesis
  • Nitrogen Retention
  • Growth Hormone Production
  • Red Blood Cell Production

These in-turn will lead to the following benefits:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Strength
  • Bigger Vasodilation (muscle pumps)
  • Heightened Rep/Set Stamina
  • Faster Recovery (post workout)

Further benefits, in terms of product purchasing include:

  • Free of Side Effects
  • Legal Alternative to Anabolic Steroids
  • USA Made
  • Free Shipping on All Orders in the US

Usage Guidelines – For Best Results

Gunner works most effectively if it is taken before your workout.

This way, the chemical processes mentioned earlier – nitrogen retention, protein synthesis. growth hormone (IGF-1) release and blood cell production – will begin when your body needs it to the most.

Post workout recovery will be augmented by taking your usual protein (plus creatine) shake.

Are There Any Side Effects?

DoctorDespite containing steroidal compounds, the typical steroid related side effects will not happen with Gunner. Nor will any other significant side effects.

Provided you follow the directed dosages on the packaging, and you are in good health, you will have no problems in our opinion.

People who should avoid taking products like this include, people taking prescribed medication or who have a medical condition that may be affected, and also pregnant and breastfeeding women. Ask your doctor if you are unsure.

Are There Any Special Offers?

Marine Muscle Bulking StackCurrently there is a very good deal on the stacks (Bulking, Cutting, Strength): Buy One Get One Free

That’s 8 bottles of Marine Muscle products for the price of 4.

Gunner is in the Bulking and the Strength stack so you will get two if you use the deal to get those stacks, along with 6 other bottles.

Follow the link below to check out the deal.

CLICK HERE to view the product website

Conclusion and Recommendations

Gunner LabelGunner is probably one of the closest things you’ll get to an anabolic steroid, without breaking any laws or risking your health.

We really enjoyed the cycles we’ve done using their products, especially with Gunner as the base of the bulking and strength stacks.

We have no hesitation in recommending Gunner and those Marine Muscle products that we have tried so far, including:

  • Gunner
  • Trooper
  • Enduro
  • Drill Master
  • Devil Dog

To see the special offers and products discussed, follow the links in either of the green boxes in this review.

TestBoost Review and Scientific Studies – Best Testosterone Booster Available?


Testogen PillsThe testosterone booster we recommend is now TESTOGEN. The links to TestBoost that are present on this page have been changed accordingly.

We constantly review and update our own information and experience, hence why a product can be replaced in our recommendations like this.

The satisfaction of our readers is the most important factor to us. Check out Testogen and let us know what you think.

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It’s Testosterone booster time again, and we’ve been searching for and testing some of the current best sellers and highest rated products to find one we get the most out of.

TestBoost is one of those products, and it turned out to be an interesting one – partly because it should appeal both to the bodybuilder and the man concerned with low testosterone levels.

The ingredients are combined within a formula which has been designed to optimize the user’s natural testosterone production as well as boost it to a performance enhancing level.

We asked our well trained people and their associates to use it alongside their regular training and our findings are detailed throughout this review.

First, let’s look more closely at the product.

What Exactly is TestBoost?

Testosterone chemical structureTestBoost is an oral capsule supplement manufactured under the Nature Lean umbrella company; a well established producer of quality health supplements.

The name gives away the purpose of the product. Testosterone boosters are becoming more and more popular, given the increase in related research and development.

This one delivers a comprehensive formula to the user; a combination of essential micronutrients and more exotic ingredients.

What are Highlighted Benefits of TestBoost?

By interacting with your natural – or endogenous – testosterone production cycle, TestBoost claims to increase your overall levels of testosterone helping you to achieve:

  • Greater Muscle Growth
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Improved Mood and Vitality
  • Heightened Sex Drive and Enhanced Sexual Function / Health

How Does It Work?

Athlete runningThere are several ways by which TestBoost can work with the body to increase its production of testosterone. It can:

  • Directly heighten testicular response to Luteinizing Hormone, the messenger that signals the sex organs to manufacture testosterone. This results in higher testosterone output
  • Increase the hypothalamic release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating
  • Hormone (FSH) which in turn stimulate / signal the manufacture of testosterone
  • Increase Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) to boost the anabolic pathways even more.
  • Reduce Prolactin (which depletes testosterone levels).
  • Reduce aromatase activity (conversion of testosterone to estrogen), thereby increasing free testosterone and minimizing estrogenic effects such as gynecomastia (male breasts) and excess water retention.


scientistTestBoost’s ingredients are detailed below, along with their inclusion rates:

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) – [1,800mg]: D-AA can increase testosterone by almost 50% in as little as 2 weeks. It does this by increasing LH and FSH release which in turn signals a testosterone increase.

Fenugreek – [100mg]: Fenugreek has a long-standing and respected position amongst the bodybuilding community for its multitude of benefits. It increases testosterone, without the a concomitant increase in estrogen. It can also help regulate blood sugar and reduce fat.

Vitamin D3 – [5200 IU]: Low levels of this vitamin are associated with low levels of testosterone. Working indoors and spending less and less time in the sun (due to other risks), many people don’t get enough D3.

Zinc – [11mg]: The beneficial potency of zinc should not be underestimated. Getting enough from diet alone is difficult for billions of people. Yes billions.

And yet, Zinc is an essential micronutrient – and one that has the power to give you a strong testosterone base. Zinc deficiency can be considered a global epidemic today, even though only 10mg a day can optimize your testosterone levels and put you one step further to achieving ultimate vitality.

Magnesium – [200mg]: Magnesium and Zinc are sort of buddies and go well together in certain quantities. TestBoost has a good ratio. Interestingly, one study involving martial artists showed that magnesium can boost levels of free testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens – [200mg]: Studies have demonstrated this exotic bean can elevate levels of both testosterone and growth hormone.

BioPerine – [10mg]: A patented form of pepper, BioPerine can increase the bio-availability and absorption of all the other ingredients in the blend. It presence in supplements these days is almost a given.

Our Thoughts on the Formula

TestBoost contains very good ingredients, and perhaps more importantly, at dosages which make sense and that are effective.

As with any product of this nature there are some ingredients that the scientific community is still skeptical about (e.g. fenugreek and mucuna) BUT that have stood the test of time because countless bodybuilders, athletes and experts believe they have a very positive effect.

Scientific proof is not the only measure of an ingredient’s potency, however it is a very excellent one. Empirical and anecdotal evidence are also of value here.

TestBoost – in our opinion – contains a strong testosterone boosting recipe. It is based on a mixture of hard science and valued experience.

Click here to start boosting testosterone safely with TestBoost

Why Use TestBoost?

Something which separates this product from much of the dross that sullies the supplement market these days is that it contains full strength dosages of the active ingredients.

Also, and this sounds rather obvious, but it will definitely work to at least optimize your testosterone production. There are many many products which contain some decent ingredients but at pathetic doses.

If you are a bodybuilder, strength athlete, or just generally sporty and active, then TestBoost can boost your testosterone above and beyond your natural production. This allows you to recover and grow from your training.

Secondly, but of equal importance, if you are in your 30s or over, it will work to optimize your resting testosterone production, helping you to function at your best.

Is TestBoost Recommended?

If you’ve read the above section then we don’t need to drag this one out.

Of all the testosterone boosters at the moment, TestBoost is a very good choice. It will have you covered from many different angles and will be extremely useful for anyone, regardless of activity level.

We experienced no adverse side effects and neither did any of the people involved in clinical trials with the included ingredients.

People with medical conditions or those taking medication should still seek advice from their doctor if they are considering any supplement.

Purchasing, Shipping and Guarantee

TestBoost ProductNature Lean offer several packages to make your money go the farthest.

TestBoost is available to all major countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and those in Europe.

The icing on the cake is the option of FREE worldwide shipping and a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Click here to view special offers now

Study References

  1. Jalali GR et al. Impact of oral zinc therapy on the level of sex hormones in male patients on hemodialysis. May 2010
  2. Kilic M. Effect of fatiguing bicycle exercise on thyroid hormone and testosterone levels in sedentary males supplemented with oral zinc. Oct 2010 
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  8. Pilz S et al. Effect of vitamin D supplementation on testosterone levels in men. Mar 2011. 

Muscletronic iGCP Tested and Reviewed

muscletronic bottleIt’s been a while since we’ve been able to do much on this site. The GHBoosters family have been off having babies; healthy ones, thankfully.

And, truthfully, not many supplements have jumped out, screaming ‘review me’ – especially considering time has been of the essence lately.

Recently, however, a new product landed on our desk which spurred us to dust off the old review engine and turn the ignition key.

What’s even better – it’s meant to be an ideal supplement to complement a gym program. Given we’ve been taking the exercise lightly for a couple months, and the new year arrived, the timing couldn’t have been better for a product test cycle.

So, here’s our review of Muscletronic iGPC.


What is Muscletronic iGPC?

Muscletronic is a fat burner and muscle growth supplement, coupled with cognitive boosters and nootropic compounds to form a complete bodybuilding/physique transforming product.

It sounds like a lot in one supplement but the formula contains ingredients which on their own are capable of having more than one of these effects, and so together have the whole effect.

According to the research, it works through a combination of synergy and multi-functionality. It isn’t rocket science, it just means finding compounds which heighten one another’s effects AND which have more than one effect individually.

Here’s the Muscletronic Mission from the site:

Muscletronic mission

[Go Down To: The Role of Cognitive Function boosters and Nootropics in Sports Supplements]

Benefits of Muscletronic iGPC

muscletronic scalesThe product has been designed to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio by including ingredients which encourage muscle growth, burn fat and elevate cognitive function.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Power (leading to greater muscle gains)*
  • Increased Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Heightened Concentration, Focus and Drive
  • Tighter Mind-Muscle Connection*
  • Improved Mood and Reduced Stress
  • Stronger Willpower to Resist Junk Food

*There is an assumption that you engage in regular exercise, including resistance training. The results will not be as effective otherwise.

Ingredient Formula

Muscletronic contains the following ingredients and their amounts in 4 pills (max daily dosage):

  • Alpha GPC – 150mg
  • Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea) – 300mg
  • Coleus Forskohlii – 500mg (assuming 10% Forskolin)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 600mg
  • Caffeine – 300mg
  • L-Theanine – 300mg
  • Citrus Aurantium – 200mg (assuming 10% synephrine)
  • Piperine – 12mg
  • Vitamin B Complex

Alpha lipoic acidAlpha GPC is a diverse and powerful ingredient. It is cholinergic, meaning it increases neurotransmitter activity (acetylcholine) which both improves cognitive function and heightens the neuro-muscular connection, equating to more force output during each repetition in the gym and thus greater muscle growth response.

It can also increase levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) leading to improved muscle growth and recovery of muscle, bone and connective tissue.

Coleus Forskohlii acts as a stimulating fat burner in the body, and a cognitive booster in the brain. In men, it may also increase levels of testosterone – the principal endogenous anabolic hormone. it is synergistic with caffeine, which provides further cognitive and physical stimulation along with a thermogenic fat burning response.

Caffeine is highly synergistic with Synephrine and L-Theanine, the latter of which smooths out and lengthens the euphoric spike of the two stimulants, whilst improving their effect on alertness, concentration and drive. L-Theanine also increases alpha-waves in the brain which are indicative of a positive, healthy mood and reduced stress levels.

Muscletronic golden rootRhodiola – named Golden Root here – is another stress reducer, boosting L-Theanine’s effect on mood and helping the user resist the urge to snack on junk and comfort food. Interestingly, it also energizes the brain and protects against burn-out and other stress and mental fatigue induced problems.

ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid – has a positive effect on the user’s distribution of nutrients. Where energy may be stored as fat, ALA assists its diversion to muscle tissue for use as fuel instead. This is particularly effective for active adults.

The Piperine increases the absorption and bio-availability of the formula as a whole.

B Vitamins are necessary for a whole swathe of metabolic functions and are commonly lacking in the average westerner’s diet.

Side Effects

Muscletronic does contain some stimulants, so people sensitive to them should take it slow. There’s actually a half-dose strategy included on the packaging. Also, you should definitely eliminate other sources of caffeine while you are cycling on Muscletronic.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, and people with medical conditions, or those taking medication should avoid supplements of this nature.

Pricing and Shipping

Muscletronic is available in a few packages. The top one is the 4 bottle deal, which gets you an addition 2 bottles for FREE and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!…which is crazy, and very cool. That’s basically 2 cycles, if you use it how we are.

There is also a Buy 2 get 1 FREE deal and singular bottles to check out.

Conclusion and Recommendation

muscletronic packageWe’re using Muscletronic on a 12 weeks on – 2 weeks off – 12 weeks on cycle.

Going hard at it in the gym is tough after the strange combination of fatigue and stress that is the first weeks of parenting, however, this is the perfect supplement to kick us up a few gears and get us in the right frame of mind.

The mind-muscle feeling is definitely there, helping us get dialled into every deadlift and squat. The mood lifting effect is possibly the most noticeable though; its like the feeling of vitality you get when breathing in crisp, fresh air!

Brain fog is non-existent on this stuff and controlling the diet after the depressive middle-of-the-night snacking (babies make you eat junk) is a lot easier.

We very much recommend Muscletronic; it does so much for one supplement it’s unreal!!

Click here to view special offers on the product website

The Role of Cognitive Function boosters and Nootropics in Sports Supplements

muscletronic brainIn a way, the formula designed for Muscletronic is representative of the new wave of products entering the market. They are in capsule/pill format, which is nothing new, but they contain a cognitive boosting – or nootropic – element to them.

Both muscle building and fat burning supplement manufacturers appear to be adopting this strategy in at least one of their products per category. And the numbers are only going to grow.

This is happening, largely based on scientific research (as well as common sense hopefully), which supports the concept that your state of mind, level of cognitive function and brain health, have a huge influence on your body’s health and physical performance.

Mind-Muscle Connection

muscletronic manParticularly in the context of exercise, you will have likely heard of the term ‘the Mind-Muscle connection’. This is best described with the example of acetylcholine, which is one of the brain’s primary neurotransmitters. It is responsible for the signals which trigger muscle contractions.

Pretty important, considering the level of neurotransmitter activity in your brain is proportional to the potential force output of your muscles. In short, your mind has direct influence on your strength!

Mood, Stress and Calorie Control

muscletronic scalesWhile your mind can play a huge role in your muscle power, it can also have a major impact on your waistline. You might be thinking your brain is a big calorie burner, so in some ways, the more you use it – the more fat you will burn. It’s true to an extent, but it’s not what we’re talking about here; that effect is nowhere near as big as this…

The real difference is made at the calorie intake stage, i.e. eating!

Much of our ability (or inability) to resist cravings for junk or comfort food is related to our mood. There are many supposed appetite suppressing ingredients in the industry, but few have the impact that the nootropic/cognitive function family do.

Stress can increase cortisol levels, and cortisol is known to heighten your craving for comfort food. This has a dramatic effect because the sugar high, then crash, induces another craving episode, another sugar high and subsequent crash, and so on until you are stuck in a downward spiral.

Therefore, improving your mood and/or reducing your stress level appears to have a profound effect on your ability to control your calorie intake, and thus your fat storage.

couple muscle

Considering all of this, the Muscletronic formula makes sense. There’s no point in separating muscle growth from fat loss and from cognitive function, when they are so strongly intertwined. And there is every point in combining them, especially for the physique-conscious person.

Click here to browse the Muscletronic website

Back Up

D-Bal Max – Bodybuilding Dynamite or What?

D.Bal.MaxD.Bal.Max is a training supplement designed to stimulate muscle growth, specifically in response to resistance training.

Most serious gym goers, weight lifters and bodybuilders will know of the anabolic steroid Dianabol (or DBol) and this products has been developed as a safe, legal and natural alternative to that.

So what is D.Bal.Max going to do for you? And can a supplement like this really have similar effects to an anabolic steroid? Let’s find out.



Advertised Benefits

‘Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite’ is the company’s tagline to D.Bal.Max. What if you were able to the speed up the process of getting your ideal body? They ask.

D.Bal.Max is their answer. Designed to mimic the effects of a powerful steroid known as Dianabol, the potential benefits are:

  • Highly Increased Muscle Growth in Response to Resistance Training
  • Improved Strength Gains
  • Quicker Fat Reduction

It does this through interacting with the following muscle-building processes:

  • Increased Protein Synthesis – more protein synthesis equals more muscle tissue growth
  • Increased ATP levels – for muscular force and energy during workouts
  • Reduced extra-cellular Seratonin – for delaying fatigue during exercise
  • Boosted Testosterone levels and IGF-1 – for Gains in Strength and Muscle Size

DBal Max site

What is D.Bal.Max and How Does It Work?

It’s probably prudent to say what D-Bal Max is not, and then go from there. It is not a synthetic anabolic steroid, like the similarly named DBol – Dianabol or Methandrostenolone, depending on the term you know it by.

When synthetic ‘roids like DBol get into your blood, they act like testosterone, and sometimes more powerful than it. DBol does take effect quickly due to its oral pill form, and provides quite dramatic muscle gains via increases in pathways such as protein synthesis, insulin activity and nitrogen retention.


Dianabol (DBol) Tablets

However, DBol comes with some negative side effects because it shuts down your natural (endogenous) testosterone release.

When the body sees that it has an abundance of testosterone-like steroids, it ceases its own production. On top of that, the excess steroids can aromatize into estrogen and cause further side effects.

D.Bal.Max has been designed to encourage your own endogenous release of testosterone and other anabolic hormones to increase. This is far better for your body because there is no negative effect on your natural hormone levels, and therefore no negative side effects.

It does this through a combination of special ingredients in its formula. We’ll look at that next.

D.Bal.Max Ingredient Formula and Potential

There are a couple of major inclusions in D.Bal.Max.


DBal MaxThis is a compound found in insects and plants which exhibits anabolic properties in users.

Ecdysteroids are an extremely interesting form of natural anabolic. They trigger protein synthesis for muscle growth without the negative side effects of steroids! Read more about it here.

At one point a few years ago, the cost of using ‘Ecdy’ was too high for anyone but the wealthiest people. It had the science backing it and it was brand new.

Now, extraction and manufacturing processes have made it more economical to manufacture, and products like D.Bal.Max are made possible.

What’s more, some of the research tells us it may have a greater anabolic effect on muscle tissue than Dianabol for the user!


Branched Chain Amino Acids are the important protein links that build muscle tissue, and can be used as a direct energy source for inside the muscles themselves.

Recent research indicates that a small but proper ratio of specific BCAAs can increase anabolic hormone release and increase muscle growth, especially in combination with other anabolic compounds.

Is D.Bal.Max Safe?

Yes. The side effects of using steroids such as Dianabol do not occur when you take D.Bal.Max. This is because you are not introducing synthetic exogenous steroids.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid using any training supplements, including D.Bal.Max. as should anyone with a medical condition or taking medication, unless a Doctor advises otherwise.

We do not experience any negative side effects when we use D.Bal.Max.

Pricing, Shipping and Guarantee

The product can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world, and don’t worry, it’s completely legal. Shipping is available to the US, UK and Ireland, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Shipping to the US and UK is FREE.

The best deal is on an economical basis is the 6 months package where you will get 12 tubes of D.Bal.Max for the price of 8. Or, 2 Months FREE if you want to look at it like that. It works out to about $46.60/£29.90 a month (a month is 2 tubes).

There are other special offers of course, on 3 month and 1 month packages.

The GUARANTEE lasts 60 days with a full refund of your money if you aren’t satisfied; you just need to send back all the packaging – empty or full.

Is D.Bal.Max Recommended?

Safe alternative to DBolWe recommend products based on results.

From our own experience D.Bal.Max is an excellent product, which gives us great results, whether we are in a muscle bulking phase or we need to combine it with a fat burner or cutter to get more definition.

What’s even better is that it comes with the support of a great company behind it.

Click here to view offers on the D Bal Max site