Boss Lean Mass – Boss Workouts Muscle Building Program – Full Package Review

Boss Workouts Boss Lean MassBoss Lean Mass is a physical transformation program from Boss Workouts. The package includes high definition training videos, presented by professional coaches, together with diet and nutrition guides that include recipes.

Each program Boss Workouts has created lasts 12 weeks, and is designed to completely transform your body into the physique, size, shape, strength and power that you are looking for.

They also have a shredding workout program, appropriately called Boss Shred.

Jason Sani Boss Workouts

Jason Sani – Boss Workouts Pro Trainer

Jason Sani, a world renowned professional trainer, takes you through Boss Lean Mass, accompanied by other trainers for demonstration of each detail of the resistance weight lifting exercises that you need to do.

“Trust the process” is the general message to any potential customers. The programs are specifically laid out in stages, or phases, with each one geared to activate certain muscle fibres and trigger different kinds of growth – strength and hypertrophy included.

We couldn’t agree more. After following the method in Boss Lean Mass, it’s clear Jason and his team, and Boss Workouts as a company know what they are doing. Nothing has been left out – you’ve got your diet and recipes in there, the workouts, the schedule and even the tools to track the progress.

Follow it and you will basically reprogram your body and succeed in your physical transformation.

Boss Lean Mass ProgramOne payment, which costs about the same as two personal training sessions in a gym, is all you have to pay, and you get access to Boss Lean Mass for life. So, if you don’t quite get your desired numbers – it depends on your starting condition somewhat – then you can repeat them.

You can also do alternate cycles of Boss Lean Mass followed by another Boss Workouts program like Boss Shred and then repeat. It’s up to you.

Most people start with Boss Lean Mass program and go from there. Available in all major currencies, including AUD $, USD $, GBP £ and Euros, follow the link below to see the price in your currency.

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Boss Lean Mass – Who Is It For?

We’ve been training and lifting weights all of our adult lives and we still got a lot out of Boss Lean Mass. It’s perfect for beginner strength and fitness enthusiasts, because it will get the most out of those first three months, including correct technique and an understanding of body mechanics and the dos and don’ts of training.

You’ll also get the diet and nutrition aspect, which includes lots of recipes to really ensure you are doing every part of the program effectively.

If you have experience but you’re in a rut, or stuck on a plateau, then this is the program for you as well.

Boss Lean Mass Pros

What Boss Lean Mass does is take away any of the responsibility of you coming up with all the training, exercises, schedule, food, tracking and so on and lays it all out for you to follow.

Following something designed by a pro is ten times more effective than figuring it out on the fly or watching youtube videos, because anyone with a camera and muscles can make youtube videos.

Not many people have the wealth of experience and quality of material that Boss Workouts are offering.

Boss Lean Mass – What’s Included?

Boss Lean Mass ProgramThe package is an extensive one. And once you’ve paid for it with a single payment, you can use it for life, no strings attached.

Included with the Boss Lean Muscle program are the following:

  • 10 HD Training Videos presented by Pro Coach Jason Sani
  • 93 Page Training Guide
  • 73 Page Nutrition Guide
  • 17 Page Recipe Book
  • Body and Nutrition Calculation Tools
  • Apps for Apple iOS and Android for easy use on the go, anytime, anywhere
  • Lifetime Access

It’s a good package, by any standard.

Boss Lean Mass vs. Personal Trainer

Boss Lean Mass Workout

Jason Sani – Boss Lean Mass Trainer

A lot of people would say that nothing replaces one-on-one coaching from a personal trainer, but it’s not altogether true.

First off – four sessions a week is what you’re getting with Boss Lean Mass. That would be astronomically expensive with a personal trainer, and they wouldn’t be giving you better guidance.

It’s a fact that there are very good professionals in the strength and fitness training business but from our observations, they aren’t always all they are cracked up to be.

An argument for personal trainers is usually something like: “a personal trainer can really customize a program for you.” Except that they don’t. Not really. They do it much the same as Boss Workout have done. They want to know your target – big, muscly, bulky, shredded, overall weight loss, endurance…whatever, and they have a program for that physique type. They might alter a few things based on your personal biometrics but so does Boss Workouts; they just present them as options based on information you know about yourself and simple measurements you can take, like weight and height and fitness level.

There are tons of PTs that we’ve observed spouting terrible advice. There’re even more who rely on the same information they used 5 years ago rather than updating it with new research.

Most personal trainers at your average gym won’t give you a recipe book, nutrition guide and training guide to study, tailored to the body type you are trying to achieve.

Personal trainers generally aren’t available whenever you want them to be either, and they don’t like the schedule being changed at the last minute.

Boss Lean Mass is an expertly designed program from start to finish. It has all of the advantages a professional personal trainer can offer, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Boss Workouts Lean Mass

Boss Lean Mass – Purchasing Boss Workouts

Online ShoppingThe process of buying Boss Workouts, including Boss Lean Mass and Boss Shred is as simple as it gets.

They accept PayPal and Amazon Pay and all major credit cards. Everything in the package is digital content so there’s no waiting around for delivery.

You can see the price in your preferred currency as well: USD $, AUD $, GBP £ and Euros.

There are zero extra payments, zero hidden costs…just the one-off payment you give to purchase the program.

Once you have purchased it, you own it, and have access to it for life.

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Blackwolf Hunter and Huntress – Total Workout Supplements – Review

Blackwolf Workout ContainerHUNTER is a package of pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout supplements manufactured by BLACKWOLF WORKOUT.

The 3 formulas are available as single products or as a discounted package to those who want their full nutritional needs before, during and after an exercise session satisfied.

HUNTER has actually been designed specifically with male users in mind, but there is also a female specific triplet called HUNTRESS.

The two vary slightly in the formula contents but this review can be largely interpreted as covering the necessary information for both Hunter and Huntress.

At the heart of the formula are BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which have become a separate focus for supplement companies, parallel to the more common pre-workout mixes most of you will be used to (e.g. C4, Beast Mode, NO-Xplode etc.).

One major reason for this is the versatility of BCAAs. They can be used before, during and after a workout, and can have different effects – or additional effects – depending on which stage of your workout you are in.

Blackwolf Male and Female

BCAAs – Muscle Power – Muscle Growth – Endurance and More

Blackwolf Muscle There are 3 BCAAs:- Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Of all the amino acids, they are the only ones constructed the way they are.

Their structure means that your muscles can use them as a direct source of energy inside the muscle tissue. This makes them perfect for pre-workout and intra-workout supplementation because the speed from you drinking them to them being available to your muscles is fast.

They are also great post-workout for kickstarting the muscle recovery and growth period.

Leucine is the chief BCAA, and is known to stimulate muscle hypertrophy by signalling the start of protein synthesis. So when you consume additional protein after your workout and throughout the day, Leucine has already triggered the process of building muscle from it.

Isoleucine has shown in research that it can inhibit dietary fat storage AND promote fat burning at the same time.

Valine can block the agent of fatigue – tryptophan – from getting to the brain because it competes for the same receptors, and generally wins, too. This means that you can push back fatigue and push on longer in the gym.

All in all, with the individual effects each one has, as well as their ability to enter muscle tissue and be used as fuel, BCAAs are extremely useful to have around at any stage of your workout.

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Benefits of Blackwolf

DB pressBLACKWOLF WORKOUT have manufactured what is essentially a total supplement package, meaning they have got you covered for Before, During and After a workout.

With that scope in mind, there are a lot of benefits that could be listed here. We’ll note down the main ones:

  • Increased Muscle Power and Stamina
  • Increased Muscle Growth and Repair
  • Reduced Fatigue during workouts
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Reduced Fat Storage
  • Heightened Cognitive Function
  • Optimal Testosterone Levels

Like we said, the list can go on and on. The point is: These workout supplements are meant to be a complete solution…an All-In-One kind of deal.

FREE GIFTS with Blackwolf!!!

Blackwolf Shaker CupWe got a FREE Shaker Cup (700ml) and 5 x FREE Workout, Nutrition and Supplement Guides with the Blackwolf package we ordered.

The package contains:

  1. TRACK (or TRAIL) – Pre-Workout
  2. HUNT – Intra-Workout
  3. ELIMINATE – Post-Workout

You will get the free stuff as well, along with a HUGE DISCOUNT compared to buying all 3 individual products.

Blackwolf Free Gifts

Ingredients in Blackwolf

There’s a core group of ingredients that go into Blackwolf gear across the board. We’ve already talked about BCAAs but there’s others that are very important before, during and after a workout.

Here are some of those core inclusions:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine
  • Taurine
  • Seleno L-Methionine
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Ubiquinine (Co Enzyme Q10)
  • Whey Isolate Protein
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Vitamin B1, B5, B6

The MALE pre-workout (called TRACK) contains:

  • D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)

Testosterone on WallD-AA has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by over 50% in just a couple of weeks of usage. This has been shown in scientific studies involving athletes.

This is especially important to athletes, bodybuilders and people who engage in regular exercise because testosterone triggers anabolic muscle growth, aids in fat burning and keeps you feeling good mentally.

When you exercise intensely your levels of testosterone can drop. Therefore stimulating them like this is hugely beneficial to your workout gains.

In contrast the FEMALE pre-workout (called TRAIL) contains:

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
  • Catechins (from green tea extract)
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

MetabolismL-Carnitine shuttles fatty acids to the mitochondria (little power stations) of your body’s cells to be burned as fuel for energy.

In the process it increases both general metabolism and fat loss… and aerobic exercise capacity.

Catechins from green tea extract act as thermogenic fat burners while also removing free-radicals (carcinogenic waste bi-products of oxidation and exercise) from your system.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid can induce fat oxidation/burning and is a good partner molecule alongside both L-Carnitine and Catechins.

Other Ingredients

Additional inclusions are used by Blackwolf at different points in the pre-intra-post workout spectrum:

  • Kelp T60 powder
  • Calcium Citrate
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Potassium Citrate
  • L-Glutamine
  • Vitamin C

Are There Any Side Effects?

Doctor Approving ProductThe ingredients used by Blackwolf will only have positive effects for you. We experienced NO negative side effects and we highly doubt anyone who uses it will.

There are of course people who shouldn’t be using products like this; pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and the elderly.

People taking any medication should check with their doctor to see if these supplements are suitable. Also, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you should do the same.

Blackwolf appear to have specifically left out any ingredients that have not been thoroughly researched and found to have no negative effects.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Blackwolf Workout ProductsWe spend our days researching supplements and looking for new products hitting the shelves, or the web, and finding for the most part that it’s an industry steered by marketing professionals who care very little for the end user’s health and physique goals, and more about bottom line profit.

The more ‘different’ an ingredient sounds, the more it seems to impress people, regardless of how effective or even safe it is. Also, the crazier the pseudo-science that the companies throw on their websites and product packaging, the more people lap it up and buy into their BS.

The idea of a thoroughly healthy, rounded, completely effective workout supplement is almost foreign these days.

And yet, here is a company – Blackwolf – manufacturing precicesly that: workout products that are far more useful to you than 99% of the crap that’s available.

Editor's Choice StampSo instead of throwing your money down the big corporation drain and trusting in ingredients that have barely been tested in glass tubes and rats, let alone athletic human beings, why not get something very solid that contains what your body and mind need to get fitter, stronger and healthier?

Blackwolf Workout supplements are HIGHLY recommended!!

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Baby Fat Can Help you Lose Weight – from Bodybuilders to New Moms

Body Scan GraphicThere’s a type of fat called Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) that we have in abundance as babies, but that we gradually lose as we reach adulthood.

Otherwise known as Brown Fat, this tissue is an odd hybrid between fat and muscle. It’s darker in colour than the flabby fat we associate with the stuff that jiggles when we run or get up too fast.

Scientific research also tells us that it comes from the same stem cells as muscle. So technically it’s fat, but it has many of the characteristics of muscle.

Why are we even discussing this?

Well, there’s a way that you can encourage your BAT stores to become more active than they already are, and there’s even a way you could start to grow more of it back.

And why would we want it to grow and activate?

The answer to that is best explained by babies.

Babies – Brown Adipose Tissue – Body Heat

BabyAs an adult you have very little Brown Fat left. Medical scans have shown that we have kept sparing amounts in the upper chest and neck area, but it makes up less than a percent of your total body mass.

Infants, however, are a different matter. We are born with much more relative to our body mass – about 5%.

Its function is for babies to avoid hypothermia, given that babies are far more sensitive to cold temperatures than adults. They also cannot shiver very well at all, which is one of the ways adults generate heat when their environment is cold.

Brown fat is specifically ‘designed’ to generate heat – thermogenesis – in the absence of shivering, which for a baby, is essential.

The reason it is brown is due to the density of the mitochondria within the tissue. There is a much higher number of these cellular power plants than ‘white fat’. What’s more – they have a higher concentration of the coupling protein (thermogenin) in the inner membrane that is responsible for allowing the energy to be given off as heat.

You might still be wondering how this is relevant to you as an adult – as a bodybuilder, gym goer, athlete, father, mother…anyone who wants to stay in shape…

Brown Adipose Tissue burns regular fat as a source of fuel for this heat generation.

Adults – BAT and Burning Fat

Losing WeightBAT burns fat. The bad fat. The stuff you can grab in you hands, the stuff that builds around your heart that can ultimately be your demise.

Brown Fat uses it as fuel to create this heat, the process of thermogenesis. And current and recent research tells us that we can wake it up what we have left, and possibly even grow more.

The result would be your very own inner furnace, burning off extra calories of unwanted fat.

You see how this could be appealing to, well…everyone!?

Cold Exposure

Woman DoctorContrary to what some people believe, sweating buckets in a hot environment does not make you lose weight. If anything, your body is trying to stay cool by slowing metabolic processes and using as little energy, and fuel, as possible.

On the contrary, if you spend extended periods in colder climates – where you actually feel the cold, not where you wrap up warm and sit by the fire – you should find that your body fat reduces as your body burns it to generate heat.

A controlled version of this, called Cold Exposure, is what some people are experimenting with in order to activate their stores of Brown Adipose Tissue, and in some cases it, grow some.

So people have taken to sleeping in sub 19 C (66.2 F) degree temperatures to trigger the process. Unfortunately it would take many months or perhaps years of doing this to notice much of a difference. However, it is not a harmful practice to adopt and it might surprise some people to learn that it is in colder temperatures that we achieve deeper sleep in general, and not super cozy warmth.

Ingredients and Supplements

Supplement It’s not just your environment that can trigger BAT to activate, but some things that you consume.

Hot peppers – specifically Capsaicin or Capsicum – has been shown to effectively convert white fat cells into brown fat cells [source].

This ‘browning’ of white fat cells is an indication of what is to come with research into humans and the study of certain foods’ effects.

Obesity is basically a disease, so it should be said that hot peppers on a pizza is not the way to cancel out the other thousands of calories.

What it does mean is that a supplement containing a concentrated extract of hot peppers might be a good idea, along with a calorie controlled diet.

Cayenne pepper comes from capsaicin hot peppers. There is one dietary supplement we use which contains an excellent dose of it PLUS the rest of its formula is stellar.

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Appetite Suppression and Glucomannan – Important Fat Loss Advice

Losing Weight The key to losing fat is calorie control. There are lots of ways to describe different diets and eating habits, and lots of “gurus” out there who will claim to have the definitive answer.

Ultimately, however, losing weight comes down to one simple rule:

Calorie Intake < Calorie Expenditure = Weight Loss

If the amount of calories you eat total less than the amount you use / burn / metabolize in a given period – let’s use a day for simplicity – then you will lose some weight.

Now, the type of weight you use – fat, muscle, a mixture of both – is largely determined by other factors, such as exercise and the sorts of foods you are eating.

We’ll get to muscle retention through food intake soon, but most valuable to you right now is probably the ability to eat less.

Physical and Mental Aspects of Calorie Control

Hunger Junk CravingsDieting is difficult for two main reasons:

Physical – your body is used to a certain way of doing things, food intake included. If you change this, then in simple terms, it will initially protest and feel a little discomfort (hunger), perhaps weakness until it starts to actually feel better from it. The timeline varies between individuals.

Mental – food is a comfort when you are feeling crap. Eating is an activity when you are bored. Sweets and junk are basically a drug, and fat just makes things tasty. Let’s not talk even talk about starchy carbs!

There’s a huge psychological factor to consider when you are dieting. Sometimes you’re not even physically hungry, but you still stuff your face with fast food. If that isn’t a mental thing, then we don’t know what is.

There are tricks you can use to defeat both the physical and mental goblins, and we’re going to talk about a very specific one right now.


Instant Knockout CapsulesThe root of the Konjac plant is home to a type of fibre (/fiber) called Glucomannan. It has an interesting property that not many other natural fibres have.

It can absorb many more times its own volume of water. This interested scientists and supplement companies for the purpose of losing weight.

In the stomach, Glucomannan forms a comfortable mass, which can reduce the physical cravings for food.

Provided at least a tall glass of water (minimum of 250 ml / 8 oz) is taken with the glucomannan product, it works and is completely safe.

Glucomannan products are generally taken half an hour before meals, but never before bed.

Products Containing Glucomannan

A brief internet search will find you a lot of brands that have made a Glucomannan product. This might be a good option if you are going the cheap route and just want to try it out.

The best products we have found are those that combine the glucomannan into a formula with other ingredients: fat-burners, appetite suppressors, carb blockers, energy boosters and so on.

Of course, being the conscientious sorts that we are, we have an excellent product recommendation for you.

Product Recommendation

Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout comes highly Recommended

Instant Knockout is the best fat loss product available as far as we are concerned. It contains the perfect blend of fat burners, energy boosters, nootropics and, of course, Glucomannan.

It contains a great formula which gives actual results, and is endorsed by some of the world’s fittest people – including professional fighters who live and die by the weight category they have to make for a competition.

Not only that but it’s available at some great price deals, and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

When we found it, we jumped on it immediately.

Take a look at our review by following the link below.

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Vitamin D – This Article Might Change Your Life

Man Feeling Good in SunHave you ever made a simple change in your lifestyle and it has made a world of difference?

Vitamin D is one of those simple changes you can make and it can have benefits you couldn’t possibly have dreamed of, from stronger bones, to bigger muscles and from a happier mind to better sex and more energy.

It might be the one thing you are lacking in, making you tired, irritable, injured or just plain depressed.

Everyone knows Vitamin D is synthesized by your body when sunlight touches your skin, and if you don’t know that then you should.

Your skin is your very own all-over-body solar panel – the first capture point of the sun’s rays after their 150 million kilometre and 8 and a half minute journey from our nearest star.

…but what if you spend a lot of time inside, or you live in a climate that isn’t sunny all year round?

DID YOU KNOW: during the Spring, Autumn and Winter in climates above the 37th parallel north or below the 37th parallel south of the equator, peoples’ skin will not make sufficient Vitamin D. People who work indoors, or don’t consume enough are effectively deficient for 3/4 of the year.

And by the way, the 37th parallel isn’t even high (or low). It clips the north of Africa and most of America is above it, all of Canada of course, the UK and about 95% of Europe!!!

37th Parallel Latitude

The 37th Parallel

What’s All the Fuss About?

Vitamin D is essential for you to live, that’s why it’s a vitamin. Few people put enough stock into the true impact it has on health. In fact, a lot of people go their whole lives not getting enough, and struggle their way through as a result.

Vitamin D:

  • Increases Bone Strength and Density
  • Improves Mood, Emotional Stability and feelings of Vitality and Well-Being
  • Optimizes Hormone Balance, particularly Testosterone in Men
  • Sharpens Cognitive Function
  • Improves Heart Health

Isn’t it a shame that so many people don’t get enough of this awesome Vitamin?

All it takes a few bucks / quid / crowns or euros per month to sort your D levels out.

Girl in SunSure, there’s food that contains Vitamin D like fatty fish, liver, cheese, eggs….and these days companies fortify some of their products with it. You’ll often find milk that’s been fortified with Vitamin D.

Even then, you might not be getting enough. Especially if you work according to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), which even after an update from 400 IU to 800 IU is STILL NOT ENOUGH FOR ADULTS.

It’s a global crisis, at least for the people in those climates.

And to be honest, a lot of people in hot climates don’t get enough because they shuttle themselves into an office, workshop, warehouse or store and stay there for the sunniest part of the day.

Recommended Daily Allowance

Milk Vit DThe original RDA was just about enough to avoid rickets. Seriously?!! Thanks for that, government health people!!!

There are boat loads of benefits from Vitamin D, so instead of thinking I’m taking enough to avoid having bendy legs, you should be thinking, am I getting enough to get all the good stuff like stronger bones, improved hormonal balance, a stress-free mind, even happiness and feelings of vitality??

Screw the RDA, it’s a load of rubbish. You can take up to 4000 IU safely (and many people do every day) and research indicates you can go a lot higher than that (although there is probably no need).

A daily dose of 2000 IU is good enough for rock and roll, and you can eat Vitamin D rich food on top of that…and get some sun (when it deigns to shine).

And don’t rely on your multivitamin. For a start, it doesn’t go above the crappy 800 IU, and it doesn’t contain any fat – which is important to have in some form alongside Vit D because it dissolves in fat and gets into your system that way.

Vitamin D Liquid Capsules

SunshineThis is the direction to go in. Get yourself an oil based liquid gel capsule supplement of Vitamin D3. They look a bit like fish oil caps; sort of a gold coloured soft gel.

Most companies put out 1000 IU capsules – they aren’t even bothering to go lower because they know what the deal is.

Now, because they already contain the fat, they are ready to be taken like that. To make doubly sure, have a glass of milk to take it with.

Why D3?

Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable of the D types. Simply put, it’s the one that makes the greatest impact.

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Niacin – Vitamin B3 – Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Niacin Vitamin B3Niacin is an active molecule in Vitamin B3. It has some interesting properties when dosed higher than the minimum recommended daily allowance.

Two of these properties concern the effects related to Human Growth Hormone release and Vasodilation – the latter essentially being the widening of the blood vessels and increased traffic of oxygen carrying red blood cells to the muscles.

For the weight lifter / bodybuilder / gym enthusiast, these are very interesting benefits, as they both neatly contribute to the growth of bigger stronger muscles. This happens because:

Vasodilation increases Oxygen and Nutrient transport to the muscles, thereby increasing their energy and force output potential in the gym. This in-turn increases the growth response thereafter

The HGH Boost increases the release of natural growth hormone within hours of leaving the gym, further enhancing muscle growth, recovery and a whole host of other positive effects.

That’s right, there is a long list of health benefits associated with both of these effects. Some of the main ones are:

  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Increased Longevity and Anti-Aging
  • Bone Strength and Health
  • Heightened Cognitive Function
  • Improved Sexual Function

Nearly anything associated with youth, vitality and general wellness can also be bunched into the benefit pool.

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Isn’t It Just a Vitamin Though?

researchNiacin is indeed another word for Vitamin B3; a compound which is found in many different food types.

In fact, we usually get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) from food, unless we have a particularly bad diet.

The difference is that the ergogenic properties (fancy word for performance enhancing), such as the HGH boost and the Vasodilation show themselves when the dose is much higher than the RDA.

Some companies manufacture oral tablet/capsule supplements with over 1000mg of Niacin.

We generally avoid those because (a) much of the useful product is wasted by stomach acids; and (b) there are a few side effects associated with high dosages of sustained release Niacin. It’s taxing on the liver for one thing.

What is required, is a faster acting product which gets to the bloodstream directly. A perfect example of this is NiacinMax from Wolfson Berg Limited.

What About the Niacin Flush?

BloodflowYou would not believe the amount of people who worry when they take Niacin because their skin reddens.

Firstly, this is a completely natural and safe reaction. It’s the effect of the Vasodilation – the widening of the blood vessels near the body’s surface to increase oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles.

There may also be an associated tingling feeling. Some people enjoy it, some aren’t too fond. Either way, it is a sign that the Niacin is working as intended.


NiacinMaxWe recommend you check out the supplement review we have posted for NiacinMax. It has some unique features that make it stand out from the competition, and may just make it one of the hot products available on the current market.

People with medical conditions or those that are taking prescription medication should check with their doctor as to whether they can take niacin.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid supplements that have not been approved by their doctor.

Check out the review of the top new product NiacinMax by clicking the link below.

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D Aspartic Acid – Quick Acting Testosterone Booster

man and dumbbellD-Aspartic Acid is an ingredient that’s been showing up in testosterone supplements for a while now.

How does it boost testosterone?…Is it that effective?…What’s the right dosage?…How long should I use it?…Is it even safe?

All good questions. Our aim with this article is to answer these questions and give you a better idea of what benefits D-AA is giving you, and whether there are any negative aspects.

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D-Aspartic Acid – D-AA – What is It?

It is one form of the amino acid, Aspartic Acid. The other form is known as L-Aspartate, which may sound like it should have the same properties and benefits – but it doesn’t.

The effects of D-Aspartic Acid are quite unique to it.

What Does It Do?

push upsD-aspartic acid boosts the natural production of testosterone, and it does it quite efficiently compared to many ingredients used for similar purposes.

In fact, D-AA can increase testosterone production by nearly 50% in under 2 weeks of supplementation.

One reason for this is that it interacts with not one, but two points of the testosterone production process. In addition, it boosts another anabolic hormone: growth hormone.

Here are those processes summarized:

  1. It works in the brain to increase two hormones responsible for signalling the testicles to manufacture testosterone; Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  2. It accumulates in the testicles to help directly manufacture even more testosterone
  3. Back to the brain, and D-AA stimulates the release of more Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, leading to further enhancement of that anabolic pathway

What Does This Mean for You?

The biggest implication of the above is that D-AA will act fast.

During a study involving men, it took only 12 days for their testosterone levels to be increased by an enormous 42%.

Therefore, it has been demonstrated that there can be a fast and steep increase in testosterone after supplementation with D-Aspartic Acid.

  1. Topo et al. The role and molecular mechanism of D-aspartic acid in the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans and rats. 2009.
  2. D’Aniello et al. D-Aspartate, a Key Element for the Improvement of Sperm Quality. 2012.

Who Should Use D-Aspartic Acid?

pull downThis is one testosterone booster that can be used by both athletes and people with low levels of testosterone.

For the athlete (weight lifter, endurance, team sports), testosterone is a valuable commodity as regular intense exercise can deplete its levels. D-AA will work over a two week period to really bolster the production.

For guys with low natural levels of testosterone, will be effective for a little longer to help optimize production.

How Do You Get The Most from D-AA?

In our experience, the best way to use D-AA is as part of a combined supplement that includes several other testosterone boosting ingredients.

The reason for this is because the D-Aspartic Acid will act to kick-start testosterone production over a very short period of time, leaving the other ingredients to take effect over a longer term.

Cycle Length, Dosage, Safety

doctorIt appears from research that between 1500mg and 3000mg a day is safe to use. Long term dosage will result in little extra benefit over the initial 2 week boost, though there are no safety concerns.

No side effects were experienced by test groups and we have not noticed any from long term usage within the above dosage spectrum.

As part of a combined supplement with other ingredients, the cycle length for the D-AA will obviously be the same as all the rest. The initial 14 day spike will be useful for the athletic users, however the low testosterone users will get more out of the longer cycle.

Usually, capsule supplements are cycled for 8 to 12 weeks (perhaps even 16 weeks) with a two week break before repeating the whole cycle.

Supplement Recommendations

TestBoost ProductThere are several options available at the moment.

The supplements we would recommend all contain a great dose of D-AA, along with other proven T boosters.

The best product currently is TestBoost.

It contains an excellent formula, and the ingredients are perfectly matched to produce a staggered, prolonged increase in testosterone and other anabolic hormones.

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Metformin and Rapamycin for Life Extension

ageing coupleCould a diabetes drug really be the first life extension drug? And it’s been under our noses the whole time. What’s even more sweetly ironic is that sufferers of diabetes might be the first generation to live 15 years longer than the rest of us.

OK, I’ll back up a bit and get some real perspective on this news but it’s just too exciting. There are scientific virginities being taken all over the place with this latest news. Metformin – a drug which has been used with success to treat Type 2 Diabetes for years – is to become the first drug to be tested on humans for the ability to extend life/slow ageing (however you want to look at it). It’s also the first of it’s kind to move to full and comprehensive human trials so quickly.

In fact, the researchers think the first human trial involving 3000 people in their 70s will go on for 5 years. If significant results are achieved then watch out; century-long lifespans could be a regular thing. The FDA are uncharacteristically enthusiastic about it as well – perhaps there’s some old crones in the agency who pepped up a bit on hearing the potential!!

The only stumbling block at the moment is the $50 million funding they need but the scientists aren’t too bothered about this because they know it won’t be a tough sell to potential creditors.

They are also saying that depending on the outcome, it won’t be the elderly generation who benefit the most. Getting the meds in to the younger population will have an even larger impact later on in their life.

A Very Brief Intro to Life Extension

DNALife Extension or lifespan expansion has been viewed by pharmaceutical authorities as something like black magic would be by you or me.

The suggested methods haven’t exactly helped, with unenjoyable lifestyles like near-starvation (calorie restriction) diets and intense procedures such as gene modification leading the way. What’s the point in living longer if it’s miserable.

Also any potential drug trials are usually hampered by the negative side effects and thrown out before they even get out of the rat lab.

Metformin is different because it already has an abundance of safety data from the years of use as an anti-diabetic drug.

On top of this, the mild side effects of nausea and diarrhoea can be mitigated easily by gradual dose increase and taking it with meals.

How Might Metformin Extend Life?

It seems too good to be true, but the distinct lack of negative side-effects coupled with the dual benefits of anti-diabetes and lifespan expansion are exactly what the experts think this might be. And a 15% addition to life at that! Imagine what you could do with an extra decade or even 15 years before you get to the ‘old age’ part of life!

The exact mechanism by which Metformin might do this is unclear, because it acts on cells in many ways. However, the prevailing theory is one that links it to its already-proven anti-diabetic actions. The yway it works for Type 2 sufferers is by limiting the quantity of glucose manufactured by the liver.

This may actually – on a cellular level at least – be the same as calorie restriction without the discomfort of a restriction diet. When calories are restricted, animal (and human) cells switch to energy-saving mode, which down the line translates to longer lifespan. Like those energy-saver light bulbs!

What about Rapamycin?

scientistMetformin is not the only drug with potential anti-ageing benefits. You may already have heard the word ‘rapamycin’ in the context of mTOR (or read about it in our mTOR article) and you’ll know that the mammalian target of rapamycin – mTOR – pathway is heavily involved in muscle growth and bone development.

The rather unimaginative name however indicates that mTOR is simply the receptor of rapamycin.

Rapamycin itself is used as an immune system suppressor drug for post organ transplant – so the organ in not rejected – but at lower doses it may also mimic the calorie restriction mechanism that Metformin seems likely to.

Everolimus by Novartis

Pharmaceutical mega company Novartis already have a promising drug called Everolimus which acts similarly to Rapamycin. It successfully increased elderly subjects’ response to a flu vaccine and in the meantime showed promise for slowing the decay of the human immune system with age.

Exciting Times

There seems to be a snowball effect in the pharmaceutical industry at present with respect to anti-ageing drugs. It is exciting to see it being taken completely seriously for a change. Keep your ear to the ground for the next big breakthrough in this field.

Check out this article on how Anti-Ageing can tie to Human Growth Hormone

Getting More from your Workouts

Bench PressTime is a precious thing for most people, especially those with kids and jobs. A lot of new Dads are particularly prone to the notion that the new arrival – as happy a time as it is – spells the end of any regular gym routine. It doesn’t have to be like that, but there might be some alterations to the program that are necessary to keep hitting the gym and fulfilling the DAD job.

The other scenario is not quite the same, and more along the lines of fitting additional training into the same amount of time to elicit improved gains – without additional fatigue or risk of injury.

Either way, this is about saving time, to (1) get more done in the same duration, or (2) get the same workout done quicker.

How can you do this? You can start with set design.

Playing with Sets

SquatHow often do you see someone pushing or pulling out a quality set and then resting for the appropriate time before cranking out another?

It’s not wrong to do this, but if time is of the essence, that minute or two spent recovering the main muscle or muscle group being used just feels like a waste.

With different styles of sets it’s easy to keep more of a rhythm going – and more time spent actually exercising – instead of spending half the workout texting on the cellphone while waiting to complete another set.

Supersets vs Compound Sets

Compound sets are actually a big mass-builder but they don’t necessarily save time in a workout. They involve doing back to back sets without rest, just like supersets, except the same muscle or muscle group is hit in the process. Compound sets increase fatigue levels and don’t make use of the rest time needed in between. Supersets however, are a way to maximize training load within the same time as the usual workout.


Supersets are back-to-back sets, but involve working opposing muscles alternately, thereby filling the rest period while NOT increasing the fatigue levels to individual muscles.

Examples of supersets would be bicep curls and tricep extensions. Another might be bench press and barbell rows.

The good news is that in the same space of time you can work out two muscle groups. The even better news is that it can improve strength gains in both muscle groups faster than it would over the normal course of cycling the exercises.

Cluster Sets

Kettle Bell SquatIf strength is your main goal, then cluster sets are an excellent way to generate greater force within the same period of time as the regular sets. In a cluster set you’d replace a strength set of 6 reps with a ‘cluster’ of mini-sets of 2 reps each (like 2,2,2). The rest in between the 2 reps only has to be 15-20 seconds.

The overall force which can be applied is bigger due to the mini-rests, meaning the muscle growth stimulus is also bigger. The duration of the workout is still the same, however, making this a prime example of getting more out of the time spent exercising.

Staggered Sets

If supersets are back-to-back sets of opposing muscle groups then staggered sets are back-to-back sets of unrelated muscle groups, where one is a main lift and the second is a minor lift.

An example of this would be if Military Press is the primary then it might be immediately followed by Calf Raises. The calf raises won’t interfere with the shoulders’ development or fatigue levels by reducing the capability of completing the main lift.

Warm-Up Sets

Inclined bench5 minutes well spent at the beginning of your workout might be warm-up versions of the main lifts that will go into the next 30 minutes (or whatever) instead of 5 minutes on a cardio machine. Not to discourage cardio, but it doesn’t prep the muscles for serious lifting, and cardio should be done after the weights.

Another good reason for always doing warm-up lifts is to add overall volume to your training. As volume is basically the total resistance moved (i.e. weight x reps x sets) then the warm-up lifts contribute to the total.

An example of a good warm up is using the bar only and completing the movement, e.g. squats, with 3 quick succession sets of 10 reps. Fatiguing the muscles is not the plan during the warm-up sets though.

Effort Level

pull downStrength and muscle-building is not accomplished with a hell-for-leather pace in the gym, and the rest periods between sets are really only required for the recovery of the muscle in order to generate the same or similar force in subsequent sets.

Filling those rest periods or at least utilizing the set time more efficiently can lead to muscle growth and strength gains that possibly were otherwise not accessible. And, all in the same or less time as the original workout lasted.

Have fun incorporating these set designs into your workouts.

Further Reading

Try this article: Bulking Up – Where To Start

Beware of Free Supplement Trial Scams

don't get scammedAs the saying goes – if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

That’s a bit of a sweeping statement, but it might be something to keep in mind when you see these free supplement trials.

The websites promise so much from the product that it makes people intrigued just enough to read more.

When the offer of a free sample is glaring them right in the face then it sounds like a great opportunity to test this wonder product out.

Unfortunately, once someone enters their details in for the free sample, they might be committing to a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Many of these schemes still ask for credit card details for the free trial – why do they do that? It’s so that they can setup an auto-billing scheme whereby if the person does not cancel within a short period of time (10 days for example), the company charges the credit card, and usually an unreasonable amount like $90. And that’s only for the small ‘free sample’.

Thereafter, the auto-billing system will keep charging money to the credit card and sending the product automatically every month. The product is rarely worth the money spent on it, and cancelling it all down proves more difficult than it’s worth. Most people end up having to cancel their credit cards and cutting the scammers off at source.

Things To Look Out For

As with any scam, there are tell-tale signs that the scammer cannot help but show in plain view, while conducting their business. Like good illusionists, they will try and divert your attention from the real intentions of the trick, but if you look at it clearly and think about it all before being tempted to go for the free trial, you can see it for what it really is.

Prime Male

PRIME MALE – Top Test Booster

We’d never recommend a product if it was part of one of these free trial shams that seem to end up being the exact opposite of free.

Any product we might point you in the direction of has been used by us, so we can assure you of the validity of the company and the supplement itself.

An offer like – Buy 2 and Get 1 FREE – is another thing entirely. Those are the offers we want to see.

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The Free Trial or Sample

Free Sample ImageThat’s the first thing you should expect. It’s true that there are some genuine free trials and samples with products, but it’s rare with dietary supplements, it has to be said.

Why would anyone ask for credit card details if it’s a free trial? If it’s truly free then there should be no need for this. In all honesty, what company in their right mind would send free product out from a website.

Perhaps face to face at a convention or something but there is no business sense in what they are doing…except there is, because the auto-billing scheme will turn them a massive profit.

Auto-Billing Scheme

Autobilling ScamThis is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s a real shame that it can even be considered legal. This isn’t like when you sign a contract for a cell phone or respectable magazine.

You expect to be billed for those things and you pay the fair market price for them.

What these companies do is tantamount to extortion, and they put it all in small print in the terms and conditions so that it isn’t obvious to the consumer.

They send you a “free trial” after you give them credit card details.

Then they will bill you a large sum every month and send you the product again and again, unless you cancel. If the item ships after you cancel then they will charge you a “re-stocking” fee to send it back to them, plus the postage and packaging. Also they will charge postage insurance separately.

The free trial system will be set up so that it is nearly impossible to cancel in time. Also, the phone lines for “customer support” are charged at high rates.


Exaggerated Product Claims

Some of these products – if they actually did what they claim – would be sold out constantly worldwide. The promise of massive muscles, fat-melting, energy, sex drive and everything else under the sun is too far-fetched.

And where’s the evidence to back it up except for lots of stock photos of models that anybody could get off the internet? At least a few ingredients listed would be something but then it might just look exactly like what it is, a regular dietary supplement.

Top Search Engine hits are Scam Sites

It says it all when you search the product name on the internet and the first sites to pop up are called things like and

This means so many people are reporting the product as a scam that these sites are ranking really high in the search engines.

Positive Reviews are Illegible

Scam GraphicIf you do find a positive review of the product somewhere then you will probably find the English is pretty awful.

That’s because the marketers that do want to promote the rubbish product are usually “not from round ‘ere”.

This isn’t a 100% signal because there are good writers trying to hawk these scam products as well but they are rarer.

Why The Need for Such Antics?

You have to ask yourself: if a product is that good, why would the manufacturers need to go to such lengths? Surely it should gain an excellent reputation all by itself. After all, the bodybuilding community is really good at getting the word out about quality products.

What Can You Do To Push Back?

Push BackThe first thing to do for yourself is ignore the “Risk Free Trials” – because they are anything but that.

Secondly, if you have been duped by one of these schemes then get in touch with the Better Business Bureau and ask for their help.

You can use this line on the phone to the scam company and they might offer you a refund.

Contesting the charge with your credit card company is probably the most common thing people do when they have been done by the scam. Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are usually very accommodating.

IF you feel you must order the free trial then try and use a pre-paid card that simply cannot be charged by them again afterwards. Some of the schemes recognize the pre-paid cards but if they do then avoid them like the plague.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Prime Male OrderEven if these companies weren’t trying to rip you off hideously, they probably don’t put anything but fillers and useless cheap nothing ingredients in their products anyway.

After they’ve taken enough money then they’ll happily accept the slap on the wrist before they fire up another product under another name. Rinse and repeat.

Watch your backs guys. The devil is in the details.

There are some genuinely good supplements available, and the companies we recommend will never ask out you on an auto-billing scheme. You simply get what you order.

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