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Growth Hormone supplements The Human Growth Hormone or simply Growth Hormone is produced within our bodies; secreted by the pituitary gland and regulated by part of the hypothalamus in our brains.

Growth Hormone is known as a protein hormone and as such, its chief role is to stimulate growth of our muscles and bones.

The highest concentration of GH in the human body occurs during childhood. You can probably remember that stage of your life because it was when you seemed to get taller and stronger with every day that passed. It’s an expensive time for parents because they have to buy their child new shoes and clothes every five minutes.

In short, GH was having an anabolic effect on our body’s tissues. However, after that growth spurt during childhood, the levels of GH secreted in our bodies drops off dramatically, indeed an adolescent will secrete more than double the amount of an adult in some cases. Nevertheless, studies show there are several benefits to maintaining a healthy level of growth hormone in our bodies including: Muscle retention and growth, strong bones, youthful vigour and sexual health to name but a few.

It is no surprise then, that supplementing with a synthesized form of Growth Hormone became an attractive means for a professional athlete to get his or her nose ahead of their competitors. And it worked…but alas, there came with this a list of side effects as long as your arm and, of course, heavy penalties to anyone that used it to enhance their performance. Doctors may still prescribe and administer GH to patients with specific diseases or deficiencies but it is most certainly not acceptable to acquire it by any other means.

And so the problem presents itself: Maintain, or better still boost your level of Growth Hormone to uncover a wealth of benefits…but you can’t touch prescription HGH for fear of serious medical side-effects and legal problems.

The solution: Natural Growth Hormone Boosters.

  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Affordable
  • Natural
  • Effective

What are natural GH Boosters?

Your body can manufacture GH and your brain can regulate it. As with similar chemical processes in the human body, some raw material is required to do this. That is where a GH booster comes into play.

By supplying our bodies with the right ingredients and at the right time, we can effectively stimulate the secretion of GH to achieve a higher level than before. What’s even better, is those levels can never become dangerous because we are allowing our brain to be the regulator, the middle man if you like. By contrast, directly injecting the synthetic form of HGH can circumvent this natural regulatory system giving rise to the aforementioned side effects.

Hopefully you can see why natural GH boosters are fast becoming one of the most exciting supplements on the market today.

Why would I need to take a GH Booster?

Growth Hormone resultsOK, so our GH levels drop off as we get older. Isn’t THAT nature at work? Why should I fight it?

We understand all the questions that a person can possibly ask about boosting their growth hormone levels. After all, we had to ask them ourselves once. The best response to the general question of why is by way of another question:

Do you remember your youth: when you could be physically active for ten hours straight and then do it all again the following day?

I do. I think I went entire Summers without sleeping!

Of course, no-one is promising to reverse the body clock entirely. After all, there are other factors to the process of ageing, but the decline in our GH levels as early as our twenties goes a long way to explaining why most professional athletes have to retire in their thirties. They simply cannot keep up with the younger lot. No more packing on muscle, bones aren’t as strong and so on. To that, we say, do everything you can to maintain those GH levels.

Studies show that an increase in Growth Hormone can increase muscle mass, bone density and libido in people that don’t do a bit of exercise. It even assisted in the reduction of fat. Imagine the possibilities if an exercise and healthy eating plan are followed as well.

Can Growth Hormone Boosters make me fat?

Don’t worry, we know there’s certain growth you don’t want to boost. We’ve touched on this earlier but a natural boost in your GH levels can only help reduce fat, build leaner muscles and healthier bones. This is what sets GH Boosters apart from many other training supplements; on your rest days from the gym for example, you won’t have to worry about the calories in a protein shake because this even works on sedentary people who don’t exercise.

Are natural GH Boosters Safe?

Growth Hormone booster pillYes – they are. We would not bring them to you if they weren’t.

Don’t associate them with the abuse of synthetic HGH; that’s a whole different story which we’ve covered a little in this article but by all means go and research this yourself.

OK – I’d like to try it. Where can I get my hands on some?

At ghboosters.com we are going to do our best to find the top products in this category and review them for you. In the meantime if you want to check out some of our favourites, click on the link below:

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