D-Bal The Legal Dianabol (D-Bol) From CrazyBulk

D-Bal is a safe steroid alternative made by CrazyBulk. It’s intended for people who would otherwise be tempted to use the steroid Dianabol. Dianabol is a trade name used for metandienone (the most popular steroid in the world). The Dianabol … Continue reading

Boss Lean Mass – Boss Workouts Muscle Building Program – Full Package Review

Boss Lean Mass is a physical transformation program from Boss Workouts. The package includes high definition training videos, presented by professional coaches, together with diet and nutrition guides that include recipes. Each program Boss Workouts has created lasts 12 weeks, … Continue reading

Crazybulk Growth Hormone Stack – Tested – Reviewed – Legal – Safe Steroids

The Growth Hormone Stack is one of Crazybulk’s newer stack packages. It’s slightly larger than their standard stacks which are usually 4 bottles, as is the case with the Bulking and the Cutting stacks. For the Growth Hormone stack the … Continue reading

Black Lion Testosterone Booster – Fat Burner – Detailed Review

Black Lion is a capsule supplement with the tagline “Complete Male Optimization”. The products is described as a thermogenic testosterone booster, which essentially means it is supposed to burn fat as well as increasing your testosterone levels. The description goes … Continue reading

Ecdysteroids – Anabolic Steroids WITHOUT Negative Side Effects

Ecdysteroids are a group of compounds that are found in the natural world, mostly in insects and plants. Ecdysis is the insect moulting process, which is where the first part of the name is derived from. Steroids is a name … Continue reading

Test Freak – PharmaFREAK – Does It Pass the Test?

Test Freak Overview Test Freak is Testosterone Support supplement manufactured by PharmaFreak, who say that it can promote muscle growth and strength. Its formula is housed in “hybrid capsules” and contains 3 “proprietary complexes” which themselves contain the active ingredients. … Continue reading

AMINOx by BSN – Is It the Best BCAA Supplement?

AMINOx is an amino acid based performance and recovery supplement from BSN. BSN were one of the first gym supplement companies that we got into, after Maximuscle, years ago. NO-Xplode is still one of the top selling pre-workout drink mixes … Continue reading

The Gear – Max’s Lab Series – Testosterone Supplement Review

The Gear is a testosterone booster made in Australia buy Max’s, intended for the bodybuilding community as a muscle building supplement. The formula in The Gear’s capsules contains both a “Testosterone Boosting Blend” and an “Estrogen Suppressing Blend”. From a … Continue reading

Blackwolf Hunter and Huntress – Total Workout Supplements – Review

HUNTER is a package of pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout supplements manufactured by BLACKWOLF WORKOUT. The 3 formulas are available as single products or as a discounted package to those who want their full nutritional needs before, during and after an … Continue reading

Xellerate Testosterone Booster – Our Review and Conclusions

Overview Testosterone Booster from Xellerate Nutrition is a dietary capsule supplement marketed as, you’ve guessed it, a testosterone booster. In fact, not so much of a booster, the company says, as a product which may contribute to normal testosterone levels, … Continue reading